250 Watt Grid Tied Inverter

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250 Watt Grid Tied Inverter
List Price: $385.00 Save $35.00!

Sale Price: $350.00

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No Electrician Required – Plug Into Household Electrical Outlets

The 250 watt grid-tie Plug N Play Solar Power Inverter is designed for easy installation, the inverter can plugged right into an AC outlet! The Plug N Play 250 watt grid tied inverter can be combined to form larger systems to meet your requirements, in the future.

GoGreenSolar.com’s Plug N Play inverter combined with two 130 watt solar panels can reduce part of your bill, or eliminate higher cost electricity in locations that have progressively increasing rates as consumption increases. The 250 watt grid tied inverter gives you all the benefits of utility interconnection without the difficult installation process, just plug it into an AC Outlet, just like any regular appliance. The SWEA inverter can be connected to solar panels.

250 watt grid tied inverter solar panel kit

Plug N Play 250 Watt Grid-Tied Inverter Advantages:

  • Easy Install: Just plug it into an AC Outlet
  • Reduce your electric bill
  • A fully expandable system.
  • Grid-Tie without the difficult installation
  • Great inverter to “get started with solar power” without a large upfront investment

Since the inverter can be plugged in directly to an AC outlet. For the first time ever, now renters can enjoy the benefits of grid-tied solar panel system.

Note: The SWEA inverter is NOT UL certified.

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