Advanced Energy Solaron 500kW 480V Utility Grid-Tie PV Inverter

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Advanced Energy Solaron 500kW 480V Utility Grid-Tie PV Inverter

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Sale Price: $159,518.28

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Advanced Energy Solaron, 500kW 480V inverter bipolar array transformerless 97.5%CEC, 3159500-001

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The stable, high-voltage, transformerless engine inside this robust, 500 kW building block for utility-scale PV installations allows you to wire many units in parallel into a single, medium-voltage transformer. The Remote PV Tie (RPT™) accessory can cut your BoS costs even further, and our SafeGuard® program offers proactive service that goes far beyond the standard warranty.

Increase ROI with the Field-Proven Solaron® PV Inverter

The Solaron® 333 kW PV inverter, with its reliable design and upgraded features, is ideally suited for commercial PV installations. This field-proven bipolar, transformerless inverter helps you increase energy harvest and realize a substantial return on your solar technology investment.

With its robust controls, closed-loop cooling, and patented, soft-switching technology, the Solaron inverter repeatably achieves breakthrough 97.5% CEC and 98.3% peak efficiencies. Higher total system efficiency means better cost-per-kWh over the life of your PV system.

Monitor and Control Your System

A secure, integrated LCD and keypad provide fundamental unit data on the exterior inverter cabinet. In addition, the on-board Integrated Data System (IDS™) software -- included at no additional charge -- provides Internet connectivity and collects and stores a wide range of real-time data, including detailed unit configuration monitoring and control information.

Connect to any Solaron inverter with your web browser to view a suite of built-in graphical representations of minute-by-minute temperature, current, and voltage data -- or gather data in Modbus® or CSV format to configure your own custom data and analysis reports.

Cut PV System Wiring Costs with Optional Remote PV Tie (RPT™) Accessory

With the addition of an AE Solaron Remove PV Tie (RPT™) accessory, you can further reduce BoS installation costs and achieve even higher system efficiency. The RPT accessory reduces large-diameter copper cables as well as I2R losses for up to 4% more power during operation. This eliminates common inverter installation obstacles and provides greater energy output per panel count.

Rely on AE's Worldwide Service and Support

If needed, AE's worldwide service organization is available 24 x 7 x 365 for support. They also offer proactive services, including extended warranties (up to 20 years) and SafeGuard® programs to help you maximize uptime and power generation. AE's highly trained specialists can perform routine system queries, remote testing and diagnostics, and annual on-site inspections, all at a nominal cost.


Achieve the lowest LCOE

Increase energy harvests

Reduce balance-of-system (BoS) costs

Monitor and control with flexible, integrated communications

Rely on worldwide service and support

Technical Specifications:

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