Central Lighting BR10, 1000 Lumen, Rechargeable LED Headlamp/Bike Light

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Central Lighting BR10, 1000 Lumen, Rechargeable LED Headlamp/Bike Light

List Price: $173.03 Save $15.73!

Sale Price: $157.30

In stock *May be eligible for a 30% tax credit


Central Lighting, LED Bike/Head Light, 1000 Lumen, Rechargeable, 120VAC Chrg, BR10

The LED technology used in Central Lighting products has a much higher efficacy (luminous flux per watt of power used) than other types of lighting, and is superior to most LED bulbs on the market today.

A lumen is a measure of luminous flux: quality of light that is visible to the human eye. A lumen rating is a measure of total light output in all directions, not intensity. Focusing the light into a smaller area will increase the candela rating (intensity), but not the total lumens. 

This amazingly bright headlamp has 3 modes

1. High

2. Low

3. Flash

* The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts for 4 hours on high, or 6 hours on low * 

Central Lighting BR10 includes

1000 Lumen Headlight

Mounting for Bicycle Handlebar

Elastic Headband

Mounting Strap for Hat

Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

120 VAC Charger

1 meter (39 inch) Extension Chord for Battery Pack

Cloth Carrying Bag



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