Grundfos SQFlex 11 SQF-2 Solar Submersible Water Pump

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Grundfos SQFlex 11 SQF-2 Solar Submersible Water Pump
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The SQFlex 11 SQF-2 system from Grundfos is not just another solar pump; it's a revolution in remote water supply. Designed for maximum reliability, maintenance-free operation, and the flexibility to adapt to virtually any application, SQFlex provides water wherever necessary and whatever the local conditions.

The SQFlex system means:

• Simple installation

• Reliable water supply

• Virtually no maintenance

• Cost-efficient pumping – every day!

Dry-Running Protection

This unique feature shuts down the pump if it detects water shortage. Every SQFlex pump comes standard with this sensor pre-installed, protecting the well from being over-pumped and the pump from damage.

Helical Rotor Pump (3")

Designed to pump high levels very efficiently, these models allow pumping levels as deep as 820 ft. The 3 in. diameter allows the pump to go in installations where others can't.


All Stainless steel for long pump life.


Only one motor size covers the entire pump range.

Designed for peak efficiency and complete reliability, the motor features integrated electronics, eliminating the need for complicated external controls.

Motor Protection

Built in protections against over-temperature, overload, and over and under-voltage for reliability, as well as two-way communication with a control box to alert you in case there's a problem.

Any Voltage

The motor can operate under any voltage from 30 - 300 VDC and 90 - 240 VAC without additional controls, making sizing and installation easy, even as a retrofit to existing installations. AC power capabilities mean every SQFlex pump has the ability to use an AC generator for backup power.

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