Hawker Envirolink Sealed Gel Battery 12V, 369Ah

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Hawker Envirolink Sealed Gel Battery 12V, 369Ah
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Hawker, Envirolink Battery, 1250 Cycle, Sealed Gel, 12V, 369Ah

Environmentally safe, technologically advanced, and virtually "maintenance free" sealed power. All characteristics of one battery. The new ENVIROLINK™ valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery by Hawker.

Environmentally Safe

ENVIROLINK™ (VRLA) batteries are very different from flooded lead-acid battery products. The ENVIROLINK™ battery is a completely sealed gel electrolyte battery. The battery never needs electrolyte or water added.

The electrolyte has been immobilized within each cell, and the vent cap has been replaced with a permanent valve, making this battery leakproof/spillproof-and completely environmentally safe. Being environmentally and employee safe means that:

You never need to add water or be exposed to the hazards of sulfuric acid

You do not have to be exposed to the hazards of hydrogen gas, which is generated during recharge on standard flooded batteries

You can use and recharge equipment in remote or decentralized areas because of the reduction of hydrogen gas generation

Your work area will remain cleaner and safer

Technologically Advanced

What technology makes this battery so unique that it doesn't require water like standard flooded batteries? The ENVIROLINK™ battery uses a recombination process that prevents water loss. Recombination is a process in which oxygen is diffused from the positive plate to the negative plate and the water that has decomposed on the positive plate (to produce oxygen) is regenerated by the reduction at the negative plate.

Because regular flooded cells are not designed to operate on the recombination technique, they require watering on a regular basis. The sealed gel cells enable oxygen to circulate freer, thus eliminating the need to add water. No water ever needs to be added, no specific gravity readings to be taken, no hazardous leaks or spills. It's environmentally safe and virtually "maintenance free." The valve-regulated technology enables the battery to operate with a valve and a closed vent plug, instead of removable vent caps that are used on flooded lead-acid batteries. Being a sealed valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery, ENVIROLINK™ is the clear choice for environmentally safe power.







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