Mitsubishi PV-UD180MF5 180W, 180 Watt Solar Panel

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Mitsubishi PV-UD180MF5 180W, 180 Watt Solar Panel

Mitsubishi PV-UD180MF5 180W, 180 Watt Solar Panel Mitsubishi PV-UD180MF5 180W, 180 Watt Solar Panel Mitsubishi PV-UD180MF5 180W, 180 Watt Solar Panel Mitsubishi PV-UD180MF5 180W, 180 Watt Solar Panel Mitsubishi PV-UD180MF5 180W, 180 Watt Solar Panel Mitsubishi PV-UD180MF5 180W, 180 Watt Solar Panel

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Mitsubishi Electric Solar Photovoltaic Panels

mitsubishi electric solar

Mitsubishi Electric photovoltaic modules are designed for both commercial and domestic applications suitable for grid-connected systems, and offer both high performance and reliability. These polycrystalline PV modules are manufactured to the strictest engineering guidelines to meet the strict requirements of international quality standards (UL 1703, IEC 61215, TÜV Safety Class II).

Mitsubishi Electric is dedicated to bringing you the latest in solar electric technology. Our state of the art research and development facilities are constantly discovering new ways to improve PV module efficiency and performance to maximize the amount of electricity your solar system can produce. Modules with high efficiency not only make effective use of limited space, but also contribute to lowering cost by reducing the number of modules in use.

Solder-free Cells

For the silver electrodes formed on the solar cell surface, we have succeeded in developing a composition and manufacturing process that excel in environmental resistance. This has paved the way to the industry-first introduction of mass-produced "solder-coatingless cells" — which, as the name suggests, require no solder coating. This removes lead which is harmful to the human body, while the expanded light reflection effects with the solderless status improve cell efficiency.

mitsubishi solar energy pv
mitsubishi solar new grid

Mitsubishi Electric has developed fine grid electrodes for the solar cell manufacturing process, an advance that has effectively expanded the solar cell light receiving area to realize high-efficiency cells.

BSF (Back Surface Field) Structure

Adoption of an optimal BSF structure has broadly improved solar cell efficiency.

Anti-reflective Coating

Use of anti-reflective coating shuts out solar rays that reflect off solar cells, thereby heightening cell efficiency

Highly Efficient Modules

solar panel pv

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a unique "Protection Bar" back side module. The combination of high-strength glass and Protection Bar can pass the static load test 5400 Pa of IEC61215 2nd edition. The Protection Bar also easily meets the requirements of 545 grams (1.18 pound) steel ball drop-testing from a height of 1.295 meters (51 inches).

testing a solar panel for load


For more details: Download Spec Sheet

*Solar panels must be purchased in groups of 5 or more. If you want to purchase less than 5 solar panels, please call (866) 798-4435 to contact the sales department or email for a quote.*

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