Photovoltaic Solar Install Training System Skill Level 1

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Photovoltaic Solar Install Training System Skill Level 1

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The Photovoltaic Solar Install Training System Skill Level 1 System provides the most real hands-on installation experience currently available. Students benefit from a thorough understanding of the most common type of residential solar panel system installations.

This is accomplished through the use of an actual wood frame structure and composite shingle roofing, which is a common roofing material found on most homes in North America. UniRac solar panel mounting hardware are identical to those used by professional installers.

The solar modules are produce the needed voltage to power the included inverter/power conditioning system. All wire, conduit, connectors, fasteners and grounding components are included.

When placed in outdoor sunlight this system produces and stores electrical energy which can then be used day or night. Instructor's manual and technical drawings are included.

Realistic lessons students will experience:

Lesson 1

Appropriate attachment of the mounting structures to roof
Lay out using chalk line and crayons
Cut out composite shingle to allow flashing placement
Lag bolt the Stand-Off to the roof deck/rafters
Place flashing in position
Attach rails to Stand-Offs

Lesson 2

Making A Good Roof Penetration
Drill hole through roof
Cut composite around hole to permit flashing
Attach Solid EMT 90 degree Sweep to block in the attic space with 5" stick up to outside

Lesson 3

The Roof Conduit Run
Attach the Junction Box to the upper Rail
Attach the Liquid Tight Flexible Conduit to the Junction Box
Attach the Long Box to the Liquid Tight Flexible Conduit
Attach the Long Box to the Solid EMT 90 degree Sweep sticking up

Lesson 4

Mounting The Modules and Bare Copper Grounding
Prepare the Modules for mounting by attaching a Grounding Lug to each using a self tapping screw
Attach the Bare Copper Grounding wire to the Rail Grounding Lugs
Mount the Modules using appropriate Clamps
Connect the Bare Copper Grounding wire to the Module

Lesson 5

The Attic Conduit Run
Attach EMT Flex using appropriate connector
Attach the EMT Flex to roof rafters using EMT Flex fasteners
Attach Solid EMT 90 degree Sweep to EMT Flex using appropriate connector Attach 90 degree elbow to Solid EMT and leaving 2" stick out past the wall studs

Lesson 6

The DC Disconnect and Inverter Mounting
Attach the Unistrut to wall studs
Using spring nuts and bolts attach the inverter to the unistrut
Attach the off set to the Inverter
Using spring nuts and bolts attach the Disconnect to the Unistrut
Attach a 90 degree elbow to the Disconnect using appropriate connector
Attach Solid EMT conduit between the two 90 degree elbows

Lesson 7

The Wire Pull
Open all Long Boxes and 90 degree elbows
Feed a Fish Tape through the conduit run from the upper 90 degree elbow to the roof Long Box
Tape the three wire ends appropriately to the fish tape end
While one crew member pulls another crew member feeds the wires through the conduit
Feed the ends through the Liquid Tight to the Junction Box
Feed the other ends through the Solid EMT to the Disconnect

Lesson 8

Making The Final Connections
Connect the Ground wire to the conduit Grounding Bushings and to the Grounding Bar in the DC Disconnect and Inverter
Connect the Grounding Electrode Conductor to the Grounding Lug in the Inverter
Connect the Positive and negative conductors

Equipment Specifications:

Working solar installation demo with battery storage:

20 degree pitched mock roof constructed of standard 2"x4" lumber, OSB sheeting and three tab composite roofing shingles.

4 × 40 watt photovoltaic monocrystalline panels.

Balance of Systems package (BOS) includes; stand offs, flashings, rails, grounding lugs, junction/combiner box, wires, conduit, unistrut, fasteners, connectors, straps, ect.

12V charge controller/inverter system with a An AGM sealed battery 12 volt 18Ah.

120 volt load (CFL bulb) with wiring.

All mounted on 2'' riser which also serves as an attic space for mounting flexible conduit with locking casters.

Single Line:

Roof Wiring:

Flashing Layout:

Rail Layout:

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