SMA SBCB 6 Combiner Box, 6 Circuits, 600 VDC, NEMA 3R

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SMA SBCB 6 Combiner Box, 6 Circuits, 600 VDC, NEMA 3R
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The SBCB 6, 6 Circuit Sunny Boy Combiner Box provides greater flexibility and expandability in system design. Over sized bus-work adds high efficiency and dependability where it's needed most. The large NEMA 3R enclosure provides ample room for conductors which reduces installation time. Designed with installers in mind, SMA America knows you'll find the new SBCB Combiner Boxes a welcome addition to a great line of inverter products.


* Greatly simplifies input and output wiring

* 6 circuit,90 A, 600VDC

* Compact, rugged low cost design

* Reliable bus-work for efficient high current conductor combining

* PV positive wires all land directly on Touch Safe™ fuse holders

* Sturdy NEMA 3R wall mount steel enclosure

* ETL Listed to UL 1741

SMA Combiner Box Specifications:

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