Solar Panel Cleaning System Kit by ProCurve Solar - 17'

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Solar Panel Cleaning System Kit by ProCurve Solar - 17'
List Price: $258.50 Save $23.50!

Sale Price: $235.00

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ProCurve Solar System Kit provides an approximate reach of 17'.

Using solar panel cleaners is essential for optimum energy output. The ProCurveSolar system is designed to clean solar panels faster, safer, easier and is better for the environment.Using this system leaves no carbon footprint and conserves water, unlike complicated, expensive, non-ecofriendly equipment.


This patented water-fed telescoping extension pole features a insulated foam cover along the entire length of the body. The slider tube is anodized which prevents rusting, and the threaded end is made of durable nylar plastic. The external chuck and collet locking mechanism will secure the slider tube at any desired length. The handle is designed to attach to a standard garden hose. The flow control shut-off valve allows you to regulate and control the water flow, which is important especially in areas that are susceptible to drought conditions.

 ProCurve Solar Kit includes the following:
  • one 5'-12' (1.5 m-3.5 m) three section pole instead of two section pole
  • one 12" and one 18" channel with premium squeegee rubber
  • one 18" and one 22" wash bar and microfiber wash sleeve
  • two ProCurve tool handles
  • one 4' to 8' HydraSoar® flow-thru extension pole
  • one flow-thru angle adaptor
  • one soft flow-thru cleaning brush
  • one 15"x15" microfiber cleaning cloth
  • printed instructions
  • solar panel cleaning DVD
  • canvas carrying case

  • ProCurve Solar -Mr.LongArm Specifications:

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