Solectric Shed-Pak, Solar Powered Lighting Kit

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Solectric Shed-Pak, Solar Powered Lighting Kit
Solectric Shed-Pak, Solar Powered Lighting Kit Solectric Shed-Pak, Solar Powered Lighting Kit
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Solectric Shed-Pak, Solar Powered Lighting Kit

Solectric™ Shed-Paks are great for lighting small buildings that need lighting on a daily basis. The system is designed so that the solar panel will fully charge the battery in one day providing sufficient power to use the lights each night.

Rencon Energy combined Solectric™ Eco-Lights with a solar battery charging system for a 100% renewable energy solution. They call these integrated systems Solectric™ Eco-Paks. These solar powered packages combine high efficiency LED lights with the ability to store power for use when the system is not producing electricity such as during the night or during blackouts. Solectric™ Eco-Paks can be configured in a variety of different ways depending on your needs.

Shed-Pak includes: Eco-Light 650 fixture, 20 watt PV solar panel (26" x 12" x 1"), charge controller (5 Amp with load control with over discharge protection), battery (12V, 7 Ah sealed lead acid), 33 feet of wire, mounting brackets and hardware.

The Solectric™ Eco-Paks are the perfect solution for your occasional lighting needs in any remote structure such as sheds, barns, workshops, garages and cabins. They are easy to install and can save you hundreds of dollars in permit fees and electrician costs for running AC power to your remote building.

Features & Benefits

The Solectric™ Eco-Paks are a cost effective way to get into solar.

Long lasting solar PV and LED lighting technologies.

Battery charging system for storing solar power for nightime or emergency use.

Recharged by solar panel, meaning no fuel, no pollution and no noise from gas-powered generators.

Easy to install

Comes in a convenient kit or we can design a custom system to suit your needs.

Designed and built in the United States of America

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