SunPumps SCS 16-300 Brushless DC Submersible Pump

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SunPumps SCS 16-300 Brushless DC Submersible Pump
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SunPumps SCS series submersibles are high-quality, maintenance-free, DC-powered pumps specifically made for stand-alone water delivery in remote locations. They are installed below the water level in a water well, lake, river, or cistern and used to fill an open tank or pressurize water systems for remote homes, small farms, and villages. SCS Series operate on 400 to 2000 watts of DC power at 30 to 180 volts. The power may be supplied from a variety of sources, including solar modules, wind generators, batteries or any combination of the three. The submersible motors incorporate permanent magnet, brushless DC technology and are constructed of corrosion-resistant, marine-grade bronze and stainless steel. Internal pressure equalization allows motor submersion to any depth without damage to seals. The pump ends are multi-stage stainless steel or marine-grade bronze and stainless steel on select models. The impellers are wear-resistant, glass-filled, engineered composite, which is resistant to mineral and algae deposits. 1-year warranty.

SunPumps SCS 16-300 is a 2 HP brushless DC submersible pump. The pump can be operated at five different nominal voltages. Each voltage has a optimal head and flow rate design point. They are as follows:

  • At 180 volts DC the peak efficiency point is 16 GPM at 300 feet of head.
  • At 150 volts DC the peak efficieny point is 12 GPM at 250 feet of head.
  • At 120 volts DC the peak efficieny point is 10 GPM at 175 feet of head.

High-power submersibles, intended for pumping higher water volumes from greater depths.

  • Designed specifically for water delivery in remote locations.
  • Can be used to fill an open tank or in a pressurized system.
  • Operates on 140 to 2000 watts of DC power at 30 to 180 volts from any combintion of DC power sources.
  • Constructed of corrosion resistant marine grade bronze and stainless steel.
  • multi-stage centrifugal type

The submersible motors incorporate the latest in high efficiency, permanent magnet, brushless DC technology. Supplied with an industry standard NEMA connection, they bolt directly to standard 4" submersible pump ends.


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