10kW DIY Solar Install Kit w/SolarEdge Inverter

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$19,058.44 - $21,917.21
Pricing is an estimate, kits are customized for each building variation.

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Will This 10kW Solar System Power My Home?

For most homes in the United States, this 10kW solar system kit is more than enough to power your residence and eliminate the monthly electric bill.

10kW Solar System Details:

  • Produces 10,000 watts of DC (direct current) power
  • This 10kW solar system requires over 575 square feet of space on your roof for the solar panels, or a similar area on the ground for a ground mount installation.
  • For average electricity consumers*, this 10kW solar system can reduce your bill to zero — enjoy complete freedom from your electricity bills
  • Achieves highest output with an unobstructed south-facing view of the sun
  • Includes 25 solar panels, inverter and power optimizers, racking and attachments, and system monitoring

Actual power generated will vary based on location, equipment and installation factors. Refer to your electric utility bill to find your actual monthly kWh usage to determine how much power this 10kW solar system can generate.

*Average American household electric consumption is 920 kWh per month.

What's Included in My 10kW Solar System Kit?

This 10kW solar system kit includes all the solar components you need from start to finish.

  • Solar Panels - 10kW of Tier-1 monocrystalline solar panels with 25 year warranties.
  • Inverter + PV Optimizers: This 10kW solar system comes with a SolarEdge inverter and PV optimizers. Compatible with Tesla Powerwall (not included).
  • Racking and Attachments: We provide industry-leading IronRidge racking mounts to attach the solar panels to your roof.
  • System Monitoring: Free with every kit purchase! View and analyze your solar energy production in real-time with SolarEdge's wireless Zigbee monitoring.

Not Included: Wire, conduit, fittings, breakers, AC/DC Disconnects (if required), junction boxes and a sub panel (if required). All these items can be purchased at any electrical supply shop, Home Depot or Lowes, and will typically cost $300 to $500. Our technical support representative will provide a shopping list once your plans are complete. Plans, interconnection, and any other services are not included in this kit, but available for an additional fee.

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How Do I Install a 10kW Solar System?

You can install our DIY 10kW solar system within one or two weekends on your own! GoGreenSolar's DIY kits include industry-leading solar panels, inverters and racking systems to make DIY installation as smooth as possible.

If you've wired an AC outlet before and are comfortable working on your roof, you can install our 10kW solar system easily. If DIY isn't for you, you can hire a local contractor to help with the installation and still save money!

Note: Installing a solar system is beyond the average homeowner's skill set. Each task is simple, but requires working at heights, angles and under the sun with power tools, racking and wiring equipment and glass. You'll also be working with DC voltages above 300VDC and household 240V AC.

5 Steps to Install a DIY 10kW Solar System

You can install your 10kW solar system within 2 days after obtaining a permit from your city or county. Start producing power from the sun in as little as one weekend!

  1. Apply for a permit: Your city or county's plan review process can take up to 10 days, but once approved, you can get started.
  2. Install racking and mounting: Locate the rafters on your home and secure the racking system directly.
  3. Install solar panels and inverters: The inverters tie into the grid through a dedicated breaker in your main service panel.
  4. Pass the inspection: Once installation is complete, your city or county inspector must conduct an inspection meeting prior to signing off.
  5. Complete interconnection: Send the final job card, interconnection paperwork and net metering agreement to your utility provider who can grant you Permission to Operate. This can take up to four weeks. Pro-tip: Add on our interconnection service we'll process all the paperwork for you!

Our job is not over until your system is producing clean energy from the sun. We offer you support throughout the whole installation process with manuals, videos, and technical support.

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What if I want a contractor to install my solar kit?

Any licensed general, electrical or solar contractor can install our solar kits, but this comes at a cost.

If you hire a contractor to install your 10kW solar system, you should expect to pay at least $1.00 to $1.30 per watt for labor, wire, conduit, fittings, breakers and other miscellaneous electrical components — a minimum of $10,250 for installation.

How much can I save if I install the 10kW solar system myself?

To lower the cost of your 10kW solar system, you can complete the installation yourself with a GoGreenSolar DIY kit and save anywhere from $10,000 to $17,500! Our kits are tailored for your home and come with a detailed Custom Installation Guide.

We offer wholesale pricing to the public, so you'll not only cut installation costs, but also save big on solar panels and other equipment. GoGreenSolar offers the lowest pricing guaranteed!

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Benefits of Going Solar

  • Federal government provides a 26% tax credit on all residential solar installations until 12/31/2022.
  • Some state & local governments as well as some utilities are also offering financial incentives to homeowners.
  • Investing in solar on your roof provides 6%-13% return on investment, better than most other investments today.
  • By going solar you'll be supporting local jobs and helping America become more energy independent.
  • By going solar you'll be reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and help clean up the environment for future generations.

Buying Solar Leasing Solar
Monthly Savings

Save up to 100% of your electricity bill

Save an average of 20% of your electricity bill

Tax credits and incentives

Homeowner receives all rebates and credits

Homeowner receives no rebates or credits

Upfront installation costs

Homeowner pays upfront but can leverage mortgage or credit line for positive cash flow

Low or no upfront costs

Home value

Home value increases by $20,000 for each $1,000 offset in annual electricity cost

Value of home does not change and new homeowner must negotiate new lease terms

System upgrade & customization

Homeowner can fully customize and upgrade solar PV system at any time

Homeowner locked into leasing company's choice of solar PV system

NOTE: Prices are based on average layout with average length wire runs. Your Complete Solar Kit will most likely be a couple hundred dollars below or above depending upon your home's requirements.

NOTE: You should also budget for shipping cost; California residents should additionally budget for sales tax.

NOTE: Production values can vary greatly, the numbers here are estimates based on averages.

For example a (33) 250W module system:
at 32 degrees tilt facing 180 south in San Diego could produce 1,104kWh/month
at 23 degree tilt facing 165 southeast in Massachusetts could produce 793kWh/month

Call 866-995-1103 to give us details about your house and we can quickly provide a good estimate of how much the kit would produce if installed at the proposed location under proposed tilt and azimuth. You'll need to provide your zip code, your roof tilt and compass heading of the roof pitch.

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