SunSpark 375W Mono 72 Cell

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Silver Frame, White Backsheet

Sunspark’s 375W solar panels provide value at a competitive price point for DIY solar projects.

Its versatility, sleek design, and competitive price point makes it an attractive option for almost any solar project. Residential or commercial, on-grid or off, SunSpark’s 375W panel conquers it all.

All-American Panels

SunSpark operates out of Riverside, CA, just up the road from GoGreenSolar’s headquarters. If you want to support high-quality American-made products, SunSpark’s solar panels are assembled, distributed and serviced in the USA.

Withstand the Elements

SunSpark’s solar panels are engineered to stand up in harsh environments. With 5400 Pa snow load / 2400 Pa wind load certifications, these panels can hold up under 130 mph winds and 110 pounds per square foot of snow. Even blizzards can’t break these panels.

Beyond their heavy-duty construction, SunSpark’s solar panels are treated to resist salt mist, ammonia, and blown sand resistance, making them ideal for desert, seaside, and farming applications.

GoGreenSolar’s Quality Guarantee

At GoGreenSolar, we’re here to provide guidance throughout the entire process of going solar:

  • Design your dream system with sizing & layout recommendations from our seasoned solar designers.
  • Skip the paperwork with our hassle-free permitting & interconnection services.
  • On-demand tech support to help navigate installation and accommodate any questions/concerns you may have.

Every system we sell is backed by our 100% money-back guarantee. If for some reason your permit doesn’t get approved, we’ll refund your purchase in full. (See terms and conditions.)

Electrical Specifications Pmax [W]: 375 W
Vmp [V]: 39.74 V
Imp [A]: 9.45 A
Voc [V]: 48.44 V
Isc [A]: 9.99 A
Efficiency [%]: 19.03 %
Power Tolerance [%]: 0 / 1.33 %
Maximum System Voltage [V]: 1500 V
Operating Temperature [C]: n/a °C
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax [%/C]: -0.3955 % / °C
Temperature Coefficient of Voc [%/C]: -0.2653 % / °C
Temperature Coefficient of Isc [%/C]: 0.052 % / °C
Operating Cell Temperature [C]: 45 +/- 2 °C
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