Free Solar PV Layout and Analysis

Once you provide us with your address and electricity usage (average kWh per month), we utilize satellite imagery to design solar panels on your roof or property and provide an analysis of how much of your electric bill you could offset.

Here are two examples:

1. Roof-Mounted Solar

Solar PV Proposal Roof Mount

John Smith of Solarville likes using energy to run his air conditioner and keep his family comfortable, but the utilities keep increasing his electric bill each year. So he contacted us to help reduce or eliminate his electric bill.

We designed an 8kW PV system that takes maximum advantage of his ideal south facing roof, but also adds solar to his west-facing roof to practically eliminate his entire electric bill. Mr Smith will only be paying a few dollars per month. Take that, utilities!

Investment: $15,422.40, Payback: 5 Years, 20+ Years Free Energy

2. Ground-Mounted Solar

Solar PV Layout Ground Mount

In this scenario, John Smith does not have an ideal south-facing roof, but has plenty of unobstructed land for solar so we designed a 10.2kW ground-mounted PV system for him.

John uses a large amount of electricity each month for heating/cooling his spacious home and powering his electric vehicles, but with solar he can offset his usage by almost 60%, significantly lowering his monthly bill by bringing him into the lower tier rates. 

Investment: $19,890.00, Payback: 5 Years, 20+ Years Free Energy

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