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Want to go solar? No problem. We'll help you choose quality components at a price that fits your budget. Shop online or call us at 866.798.4435 to assemble a parts list for you. We'll help you every step of the way.

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Every solar power project starts with a consultation to see what size solar system you need. We’ll ask you a few easy questions about your home energy use and financial goals and give you an estimated cost to go solar. It’s quick and easy.


10kW Solar Panels for home

7kW Solar Home

Investment: $13,370 · Annual Savings: $3,504

10kW Solar System Self Install

10kW Self Installation

Investment: $19,578.00 · Annual Savings: $6,542

2kW Solar Panels for home

2kW Solar Home

Investment: $5,600 · Annual Savings: $1,003

3kW Solar Panels for home

3kW Solar Home

Investment: $8,400 · Annual Savings: $1,505

Tesla goes Solar

Tesla Owner Goes Solar

Paid in Bitcoin · Offsets tons of CO2 Emissions

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We're experienced solar veterans, providing custom solar solutions since 2006. We've even earned the trust of the U.S. Government by receiving a GSA contract and have supplied solar components to various Federal agencies. Our work has been featured on CBS, Price is Right, and USA Today. Choose us for a boutique, complete service experience - we help you every step of the way until you're generating free energy from the sun.