BITS - 10 Outlet - Smart Power Strip - LCG3

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BITS - 10 Outlet - Smart Power Strip - LCG3
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Reduce your electric bill, carbon footprint and save money!

Ten outlets work together, autoswitching your devices on/off automatically, to save you money on your electric bills. 2225 joules of surge protection keep your equipment safe from even the harshest power spikes. Conveniently-spaced outlets and a 45-degree, angled space saver plug make the Smart Strip a friendly addition to your electronic systems. Use with all computers, home entertainment centers, and more.

What are vampire loads?

Devices that use and waste electricity when they are not on or in standby mode, devices with vampire loads are very common in our households and offices and contribute significantly to our overall electrical usage. The Smart Power Strip is an excellent product to help you kill those vampire loads!

How does it work?

Plug your computer (or other device) into the blue “Control” outlet and your peripherals into the white “Automatically Switched” outlets. When you turn the PC (or other device) on, the Smart Strip turns on the “Automatically Switched” outlets and when you turn the PC off, the Smart Strip completely cuts power to the"Automatically Switched" outlets.

How Much will I Save?

Typical Computer Energy Savings:

24 hours x 7 days = 168 hours per week total if left on 24/7.

9 hours x 5 days = 45 hours per week used, if shut off

168 hours total – 45 hours used = 123 hours of energy saved

123 hours saved / 168 hours total = 73% energy saved.


“I have a wide screen TV, a VCR, a DVD, an HDTV and satellite receiver, a stereo preamplifier, a stereo amplifier, and a 100-disc CD player. When the whole system was powered off, it was still using about as much power as my refrigerator to be ready for a ‘warm start’. Consequently, I added a Smart Strip Power Strip from Bits Limited to avoid a horrendous power bill.”

— Bosen,

From On Computers:

“…what it does is turn off your peripherals automatically when you shut down the computer…For a business with many people walking away from their computers it probably adds up to quite a bit of money on the power bill…It could also be used with shop equipment, heaters, etc.”

—Bob Schwabach, On Computers

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