Blue Sky SB1524iX, Solar Boost 1524iX, 20A/15A 12V/24V MPPT Solar charge controller

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Flexible, reliable, and ready to work! The SB1524iX, featuring our patented MPPT technology, with a second battery output and IPN connector for remote display, is ideal for RVs and Marine applications. The SB1524iX can manage a 20A at 12V (or 15A at 24V) load output for small off-grid electrification applications. When programmed with an IPN ProRemote or UCM, it is also ideal for PV street lighting with its dusk-to-dawn load control. It can also charge Lithium batteries when programmed with the IPN Pro Remote. Its IPN Network interface can communicate with other Blue Sky Energy charge controllers as a single charging system, allowing increased flexibility and optimization in system design.


The perfect controller for a variety of applications, including marine, RV, Off-Grid, PV street lighting and PV traffic signals.

  • 97% Peak Efficiency
  • MPPT Technology
  • Multi-stage charging battery
  • LED indicators
  • PV array overload protection
  • Reverse battery and panel protection
  • Load output or second battery charge
  • IPN for network and remote display
  • Lithium compatible


Specifications Maximum PV Power (12V/24V): 12V: 270W with 36-cell PV panel / 200W with 60/72-cell PV panel 

                                                            24V: 400W with 72-cell PV panel

Rated Battery (Output) Current (12V/24V) 12V: 20A with 36-cell PV panel / 15A with 60/72-cell PV panel
                                                                                   24V: 15A with 72-cell PV panel

Conversion Efficiency97% (typical @28V / 24A output)

Power Consumption0.2W (typical standby)

Recommended Max Panel Voc at STC45.6V (Max Panel Input 57V) 

Charge ProfileMulti-Stage plus Manual or Automatic Equalization 

Absorption Voltage (12V/24V): 14.2V / 28.4V

Float Voltage (12V/24V): 13.2V / 26.4V

Equalization Voltage (if enabled) (12V/24V): 15.2V / 30.4V

Auxiliary OutputA) Auxiliary Battery Charge 2A (2nd battery). B) Load Control. C) Dusk-to-Dawn (by IPN ProRemote)

Load (LVD) Disconnect/Reconnect Voltage (12V/24V)11.5V/12.6V / 23.0V/25.2V

Maximum Auxiliary Output Current (B or C) (12V/24V): 20A / 15A

Temperature Compensation (by optional Battery Temperature Sensor)-5.00mV/°C/cell correct factor (Range 0.00 to -8.00mV/°C/cell)

Operating Temperature-40°C – 50°C

Maximum Full Power Ambient: 50°C

Environmental Protection: IP20

Weight1.15 lb. (525 g)

Dimensions:5.3x5.3x2.5" (13.5x13.5x6.35cm)

Warranty: 5 years

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