Fronius CL 36.0 WYE277, 36kW 277/480 VAC Central Inverter

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Fronius CL 36.0 WYE277, 36kW 277/480 VAC Central Inverter
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Fronius CL 36.0 WYE 3-Ph Grid Tied Central Inverter, 36kW, 277/480 VAC, 60Hz, DC/AC Discon, Unfused, 1 MPPT, 10 Yr Warr, Neg Gnd, COM Card, 4210244800

The major advantages of the Fronius CL

Unique system design with the Fronius MIX™ technology

High-yield power electronics

Intelligent cooling

Simple planning and easy installation

Comprehensive system monitoring

Available in 33.3 kW Delta 208/240V and 36.0 kW WYE277 configurations

Unique System design with the Fronius MIXTM technology.

Nine power stages operate in the Fronius CL 36.0 WYE accomplishing something great together. This combination has many advantages: maximum earnings in partial load ranges, unrivalled system stability, long service life and easy servicing.

Highest partial load efficiency.

Nine identical power stages divide up the work with Fronius MIX™ technology. The individual power stages are swiched on and off automatically depending on irradience levels. This ensures that the load is optimized and yield is always at maximum – even while raining, when cloudy or at dusk.

Unsurpassed reliability.

The Fronius CL creates a redundant system because it integrates several smaller power stages that work together. If one power stage should fail, the others continue to operate, ensuring yields are achieved. In comparison: when the power stage fails in monolithic systems, the entire system stops operating and this leads to considerable loss of earnings. Fronius MIX™ technology ensures that the inverter remains in operation even when there is a defect in a power stage and this helps to lock in your earnings.

Long service life.

The control unit automatically calculates which power racks and how many will be turned on and off in partial load operation using the respective operating hours of the power stages. This helps to equalize the work load on the PC boards. This also decreases the operating hours of the individual power stages thus increasing the service life of the inverter.

Fast service option.

When service is required, power stages can be removed and replaced easily via the plug & play principle and drawer design. This ensures the highest serviceability and the fastest reaction times on the market.

Simple planning, easy installation.

The Fronius CL was designed with practicality in mind. It can be used for many different assignments due to its planning flexibility. It is also easy to set up due to numerous design details that make installation and connection as simple as possible.

Wide input voltage range.

Different module configurations are possible: The wide input voltage range ensures high flexibility for system configuration.

Integrated grounding option.

The Fronius CL is well-equipped should modules have to be grounded whether positive or negative. Simply change two wires and a software paramater to change from negative to positive grounding.

Optional exhaust air guide.

If the Fronius CL is set up in a closed area, the exhaust air can be channeled out of the space using a connected pipe to prevent extreme heating of the ambient air. An integrated relay contact can also be used to control an external fan that draws the air to the outside.

Low installation height.

The Fronius CL can also fit into shallow spaces due to its low 72 inch height (with base). This compact design is achieved by its three-row arrangement of power modules in the inverter.

Low installation weight.

The power racks can simply be removed for installation. This reduces the weight of the Fronius CL and makes the housing easier to move. The racks can then be re-inserted and the inverter can begin operation immediately.

Generous connection area.

Sufficient space is available for connections and cabling with large cable cross sections. This makes installation simpler and much easier.

Exact MPP tracking.

The Fronius Module Manager always finds the exact maximum power point (MPP). This is true even with the more demanding thin-layer modules. Overall, the Fronius Module Manager is able to achieve an outstanding MPP adaptation efficiency of 99.9%. This ensures that the maximum yield is obtained from every ray of light.

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