Outback Power Radian™ Series GS4048A Inverter/Chargers

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Outback Power Radian™  Series GS4048A Inverter/Chargers
Outback Power Radian™  Series GS4048A Inverter/Chargers Outback Power Radian™  Series GS4048A Inverter/Chargers
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OutBack Power’s acclaimed Radian Series made the benefits of Grid/Hybrid technology available and accessible in one agile powerful, platform ideal for nearly all off-grid or grid connected system architectures.

The new Radian Series inherit the hallmark features of the original design, including: dual AC inputs for grid/generator flexibility with no external switching required, unparalleled surge capability and operational stability, easy field upgradeability and stacking capability for large system scaling, simplified system commissioning through a powerful, easy-to-use configuration wizard, and multi-mode operational flexibility.


  • †Grid-Interactive and Stand-Alone Capability in the same package
  • GridZero Technology Optimizes the Balance Between Stored and Renewable Energy Sources, Minimizing Grid Dependence
  • Advanced Battery Charging Profile (ABC) Supports Leading-Edge Battery Technologies Including Lithium-Ion
  • 4000W of Continuous Power
  • Field-Adjustable Input/Output Voltage and Frequency Boundaries of 50Hz, 170VAC L-L and 200V Nominal
  • Unsurpassed Surge Capacity
  •  120/240V Split-Phase Voltage
  •  Dual AC Inputs
  •  Field Upgradeable Firmware
  •  Field Serviceable Modular Design
  •  Simplified Stacking Design
  • GS Load Center Option Allows for Quick and Easy Installation

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