ProSolar End Clamp, Black Finish

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ProSolar End Clamp, Black Finish
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ProSolar End Clamp, 1.21", Black Finish, 1 ct., C-1210EC-1B

ProSolar End Clamp, 1.33", Black Finish, 1 ct., C-1332EC-1B

ProSolar End Clamp, 1.35", Black Finish, 1 ct., C-1358EC-1B

ProSolar End Clamp, 1.39", Black Finish, 1 ct., C-1396EC-1B

ProSolar End Clamp, 1.57", Black Finish, 1 ct., C-1572EC-1B

ProSolar End Clamp, 1.76", Black Finish, 1 ct., C-1762EC-1B

ProSolar End Clamp, 1.81", Black Finish, 1 ct., C-1810EC-1B

ProSolar End Clamp, 1.96", Black Finish, 1 ct., C-1968EC-1B

ProSolar End Clamp, 2.26", Black Finish, 1 ct., C-2260EC-1B

The clamping system consists of end clamps and mid clamps to attach the module frame to the support rail. This fully integrated clamping system actually changes the structural properties of the aluminum channel making it significantly stronger. This design allows solar modules to be installed at a lower profile to the roof, providing a more aesthetically pleasing installation. Module clamps are specifically designed, extruded and engineered for each specific module frame. Professional Solar Product's innovative clamping system provides inward tension on the module frame securing the laminate in the frame. Channel nuts slide easily into position to hold the end clamps and mid clamps.

Finish: Black

Quantity: 1 clamp

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