REC 245PE 245 Watt Solar Panel

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REC 245PE 245 Watt Solar Panel
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The REC Peak Energy Series 245 Watt Solar Module, REC 245PE delivers more power per square meter due to several design improvements. Introduction of three bus bars and improved contact between the cell and metal fingers, improves the electrical flow.

The modules are easy to install with made-to-fit cables and multiple grounding points that reduce the ground wire needed in installation. Easy to lift and handle, the modules have a robust and durable design, supporting a large mechanical load.

Committed to sustainability, REC modules have an industry leading energy payback time of one year. This is a result of innovations such as the new fluidized bed reactor (FBR) silicon production process which uses 80 to 90 percent less energy than traditional methods.

Mechanical Data

Technology: Poly Panel

Dimensions: 65.55 × 39.02 × 1.5 inches

Panel Weight: 39.7 pounds

Cells Per Module: 60

Frame Material: Clear aluminum Module

Connector: MC4 Output

Cables: PV Wire

Electrical Data

System Rating: 245 Watts

Watts (PTC): 217.3 Watts

Max Power Voltage (Vmpp): 30.2 Volts

Max Power Current (Impp): 8.1 Amps

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 37.2 Volts

Short Circuit Current (Isc): 8.6 Amps

Max System Voltage: 600 Volts

Module Efficiency: 14.8%


REC Peak Energy Series Data Sheet:

*Solar panels must be purchased in groups of 5 or more. If you want to purchase less than 5 solar panels, please call (866) 798-4435 to contact the sales department or email for a quote.*

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