RV Solar Panel Kit - 160W

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RV Solar Panel Kit - 160W
RV Solar Panel Kit - 160W RV Solar Panel Kit - 160W RV Solar Panel Kit - 160W RV Solar Panel Kit - 160W RV Solar Panel Kit - 160W RV Solar Panel Kit - 160W
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The GigaWatt 160 Watt RV Solar Panel Roof Top Kit has everything you need to get started to power your life from sunshine anywhere you go. A RV solar power system offers the freedom to run lights, refrigerators, fans and electronics anywhere there is sunshine. The GigaWatt RV solar energy kits are used to supply reliable power and can be installed in all types of RVs, trailers and boats. Our inverters, charge controllers, batteries and solar charging kits are professional grade and are used where dependable power is a requirement. 

GigaWatt 160W RV roof kit includes:

1 x SLP160U-12 Solar Panel w/MC4 Cables
1 x SLC-SC30 Blue Sky Energy 30A PWM Flush Mount RV Controller
1 x SLCBL-04 MC4 Cable (50 feet)
1 x SLB-0102 Z Bracket Mount feet (4 pack)
1 x SLCBL-52 Black ABS Cable Gland

Mono crystalline Solar Panel 

Panel Specifications:

  • Power (PMAX): 160W
  • Rated Current (IMPP): 8.80A
  • Rated Voltage (VMPP): 18.2V
  • Open Circuit Voltage (VOC): 21.9V
  • Short Circuit Voltage (ISC): 9.60V
  • Dimensions: 26.57" x 59.06" x 1.38"

Benefits of RV Solar Power

  • It’s a cost-effective means of power. Alright, let’s face it, you do have the initial part of the setup, but it is free, as free can get… straight from the sun. What is not to like about FREE?
  • The resource is pretty much inexhaustible, even during the winter months, and on cloudy days we still see some sunlight.
  • It’s clean, quiet, and it is good for our planet.  It does not burn fuel, therefore does not put off waste or smells.
  • Systems are virtually maintenance-free. No moving parts means nothing to break, and once systems are set up, they could last for decades to come, plus there are practically no recurring costs. Let’s say in the future, you decide you want to expand your solar panel system, to produce more power. It can easily be done without a whole revamp of your system.
  • It extends the life of your battery. Most RV batteries will last anywhere from two to three years, and they are expensive. With using solar power, you can expect that to increase from 50% to 75% longer. That means not having to replace that battery for 6, 8, or maybe even 10+ years.
  • It allows you the freedom to enjoy living in natural settings with breathtaking beautiful views.
  • Lastly, it is so easy.  The panels are there, the sun is out, and like magic, you are generating free power.  It just does not get any easier than that.

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