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Solar Powered Fan-Attic
Solar Powered Fan-Attic Solar Powered Fan-Attic Solar Powered Fan-Attic Solar Powered Fan-Attic Solar Powered Fan-Attic Solar Powered Fan-Attic Solar Powered Fan-Attic Solar Powered Fan-Attic Solar Powered Fan-Attic Solar Powered Fan-Attic Solar Powered Fan-Attic
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The Fan-Attic is the award-winning solar-powered attic ventilation system that installs in just 30 minutes and works to ventilate your attic all day long. Because it's solar-powered, it costs nothing to operate. Since there are no wires to attach, it installs in only thirty minutes.

A Fan-Attic helps remove this hot air and reduces the workload on cooling and air-conditioning equipment by as much as 50%. This helps make your home a much more comfortable place.

What's even better is this: the New, Improved Fan-Attic's solar panel and substrate gathers more sunlight, stores it more efficiently, and will provide 25 years of worry-free operation!

Attic Ventilation, Sunrise to Sunset

The Fan-Attic operates in direct proportion to the sun's position in the sky. Because of this, The Fan-Attic's blades provide the right amount of ventilating power at any given time of day. The Fan-Attic is ideal for homes, cabins garages, mobile homes, storage spaces, sheds or any enclosed area needing better air circulation.

Why should I be concerned about attic ventilation?

why should you care about solar power attic fans

During the summer months, attic temperatures can soar to over 150-degrees Fahrenheit. This makes your home hotter inside and as a result, increases the level of energy consumption created by cooling and air-conditioning equipment.

In the winter, moist air rises and can condense and cool in your attic and drip back into your insulation. It can also seep into the wood on the underside of your roof. This condensed air makes your home cooler when it doesn't want to be. Consequently, this also make your heating system work harder to keep your home warmer.

The Fan-Attic works to clear this air from your attic space before it has a chance to condense.

how many solar attic fans do I need

The number of Fan-Attics you need depends on a variety of factors:

  • roof size
  • relationship to the sun
  • layout of your home

  • Which model will work with my roof?

    To ensure compatibility with your roof the solar powered fan attic comes in multiple models

    composite shingle, flat tile, Spanish S tile, gable vertical mounting

    Features of the Solar-Powered Fan-Attic:

  • New, improved solar panel and substrate gathers more sunlight, stores it more efficiently and is rated to provide 20 years of worry-free operation.
  • Up to 1200 sq. ft. venting capacity
  • Up to 850 cfm airflow
  • 35 multi/monocrystaline solar cells
  • Hi-Power solar panel meets ISO 9001 standards
  • 38 volt DC motor
  • Fan dimension: 8" H x 13" Diameter
  • Exclusive high efficiency double radius fan blades
  • Limited 5-year warranty on motor
  • Limited 20-year prorated warranty on solar panel
  • Limited 25-year warranty on metal housing

  • Benefits of solar powered attic ventilation

  • Reduces energy consumption in the summer and reduces the workload on cooling and air-conditioning equipment.
  • Reduces moisture in the attic and lowers risk of damaging condensation
  • Extends the life of common asphalt shingles
  • Extremely quiet – no harmonic hum typical of electric powered fans
  • No cost of operation
  • Easy to install – no electrician, permits, or inspections required!

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