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SolarMagic Power Optimizer
SolarMagic Power Optimizer SolarMagic Power Optimizer SolarMagic Power Optimizer SolarMagic Power Optimizer SolarMagic Power Optimizer SolarMagic Power Optimizer SolarMagic Power Optimizer SolarMagic Power Optimizer SolarMagic Power Optimizer
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Get the most out of your solar system—even in shaded conditions.

When it comes to solar energy, the power of the solar array is only as strong as the weakest-performing panel. And in real-world conditions, where shade is common from sources like trees, chimneys, power lines and even bird droppings, solar efficiency can be decreased significantly. In fact, as little as 10% shade on an array can result in as much as 50% lost energy. SolarMagic power optimizers maximize the energy potential of each individual panel so as much as 50% of the lost energy can be reclaimed.


You don't have to be living in the desert to have an efficient solar system installed. SolarMagic power optimizers can help make solar a reality by maximizing the solar energy harvest and increasing kilowatt hours when real-world conditions exist.

SolarMagic Power Optimizer by National Semiconductor

solarmagic technology

Today's photovoltaic arrays are defined as strings of series-connected PV panels, which are then paralleled together and converted to AC power through an inverter. The key challenge of these arrays is how a small amount of real-world mismatch with just a few of the PV panels can cut the power output of the entire array in half. This mismatch can come in the form of shading (e.g. trees, chimneys, overhead power lines, bird droppings, handrails, etc.), panel-to-panel mismatch, different panel orientations and tilts, or different string lengths.

As a result of these mismatches, system integrators are often forced to compromise their installation by various methods, such as reducing the size of the array to avoid shade, accepting a lower energy output per square meter, or adding extra panels in a different part of the array, all of which cost money, efficiency, and/or aesthetics for the system owner.

To maximize the energy output of each solar PV panel in the array, National Semiconductor has developed SolarMagic technology, which enables each solar panel to produce the maximum energy regardless of whether other panels in the array are under-performing due to mismatch. SolarMagic technology monitors and maximizes the energy harvest of each individual PV panel through advanced algorithms combined with leading-edge mixed-signal technology, thereby recouping up to 57% of the lost energy due to mismatches.

The SolarMagic power optimizer is designed to be installed quickly and easily within the traditional architecture of a solar array. Each power optimizer comes with a universal mounting bracket for easy attachment to a racking system. The output wires of each solar panel are simply series-connected to a power optimizer (positive wire to positive wire, negative to negative), with the power optimizer output wires correspondingly connecting into the next solar panel's power optimizer.

All SolarMagic power optimizers come with a limited 20-year warranty, thereby ensuring the reliability of the panel-mounted electronics matches the panels themselves.

Easy to install and highly effective.


Besides reclaiming up to 50% of the energy lost from mismatch conditions like shade and infrastructure, SolarMagic power optimizers offer extensive flexibility. In fact, as many as 87% of installers say they design solar panel configurations around shade, often resulting in awkward or unattractive configurations. SolarMagic technology gives installers the freedom to position panels sensibly, without working around shade.

Blocking Diode

solarmagic diode

The blocking diode is designed to block reverse current flow by allowing current to flow in one direction and [Blocking Diode] disconnect the circuit if current attempts to flow in the opposite direction. Due to the interaction, strings with SolarMagic power optimizers installed – also referred to as assisted strings – will have varying voltage levels during energy production hours. A single blocking diode must be installed in each assisted string to protect the SolarMagic power optimizers from damage.

All SolarMagic blocking diodes come with a full 20-year warranty.

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