Tiny House Solar Panel Kit

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Tiny House Solar Panel Kit
Tiny House Solar Panel Kit Tiny House Solar Panel Kit Tiny House Solar Panel Kit Tiny House Solar Panel Kit Tiny House Solar Panel Kit Tiny House Solar Panel Kit
Total System Cost: $3,990.00

Pay Only $42.69 per month!
Zero down financing, Eligible for 30% Federal Tax Credit

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Is this solar panel kit right for my Tiny House?

This 2000 Watt (2kW) solar kit can offset small and medium size loads like lighting, television and your kitchen appliances.  Perfect for tiny homes, all you need is enough space to fit eight 3'x 5' solar panels.  We can also upsize or downsize your system as needed.  This system can be installed in a weekend and will produce 175-375 kWh of energy per month. Cost is an estimate - please call us at (866) 798-4435 to get a more accurate quote.

What is included in my 2kW Tiny House solar panel kit?

Our kits provide all the solar components you need from start to finish.

Solar Panels for Tiny Homes Grid Tie Solar Micro Inverters Solar Racking for Tiny Homes
Made in USA Solar Panels Grid-Tie Microinverters Racking and Mounting

  • Panels/Modules - We provide industry leading high output panels with 25+ year warranties.
  • Inverters - We provide industry leading Enphase micro-inverters because they are simple, efficient and cost-effective.
  • Racking - This mounts and holds the solar panels to your roof.
  • Battery - Explore the Sonnen battery system for storing solar energy.

How easy is it to install?

  • You can install a 2kW solar system in one weekend.
  • Our kits use industry leading solar panels, inverters, and racking systems specifically selected and combined to make do-it-yourself installation possible.
  • A homeowner who has wired an AC outlet and is comfortable working on their roof can install our Solar kit.
  • The micro-inverters in our kits have significantly improved the safety of installing a solar panel system by generating standard AC power instead of dangerous DC power.
  • Micro-inverters allow you to have as few or as many panels as you like and to easily expand your system later.  They simplify installation as well as allowing monitoring of each module independently.  Since each panel is an individual system they maximize the power output from each panel resulting in an average 15% increase in power generation per panel.
  • Integrated grounding. Many solar installations require a separate grounding system be built.  Both the Enphase micro-inverters and Ironridge racking system have integrated grounding that requires no additional components or work to save time and money.
  • If self-installation is not for you, we can help you find a local solar contractor to help you with the process.

Why Choose Grid-Tie Microinverters?

Safer: The system does not employ dangerous, unprotected high DC voltages, eliminating the risk of potential fires as outlined above. The system’s cabling through the roof to your switchboard is regular 240V AC, the same as all other household cabling, and is circuit protected via a circuit breaker in your switchboard.

Shade tolerant and fault redundancy: Each solar panel operates independently, as it has its own dedicated micro inverter. The result is that the system does not suffer from the ‘Christmas light effect’ explained above; one shaded or soiled panel will result in a loss of power from that panel only, and will not drag down the performance of the others. The same goes for any fault; in a conventional DC solar system, a complete failure of a solar panel or central string inverter will usually result in an entire system failure.

Easily expandable: The system size is not ultimately dictated by the capacity of a wall mounted string inverter, allowing for additional panels to be added at any time and only limited by your roof space and budget.

Your Complete Solar Kit is based on the best micro-inverters in the business. These inverters are backed by world class technical & customer support. They come with an unparalleled 25 year warranty that matches the 25 year performance module warranty. One of the best features of the micro inverter is the ability to size your system in 1 module increments.

Call 866-798-4435 to give us details about your tiny house and we can quickly provide a good estimate of how much the kit would produce if installed at the proposed location under proposed tilt and azimuth. You'll need to provide your zip code, your roof tilt and compass heading of the roof pitch.

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Why Choose Us?

We are America's leading experts in residential home solar kits. In addition to guaranteed lowest pricing on solar panels, inverters, and racking, we'll help you every step of the way including sizing your system, designing your panel layout, permitting, and interconnection.

Shop with confidence knowing you'll receive free technical support from beginning to end until your system is powered up and you're generating free energy from the sun!

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