Westinghouse Solar 1.75kW grid tie system, comp shingle

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Westinghouse Solar 1.75kW grid tie system, comp shingle
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Andalay Solar by Westinghouse is an advanced, high performance solar power system with integrated high efficiency solar panels. It's sleek and stylish, yet delivers unparalleled, built in reliability. A beautiful way to protect the environment, save power costs, and add to the value of your home or business. Andalay's revolutionary engineering secures the parts within each panel, allowing these slim panels to be mounted closer together for a smaller "footprint" with no unsightly mounting racks, dangling wires, or gaps between panels. Together with all-black components, the result is a noticeably smoother, streamlined look.

Andalay's Integrated System Advantages:

* Great Aesthetics 

* Built-in Reliability 

* High Performance 

* Convenience and Safety for the Client and Installer 

* Low Environmental Impact


Built-in Reliability & Safety:

* No single point of system failure 

* Built-in electrical and ground connectors cannot loosen or be installed incorrectly 

* No dangerous 600 volt DC wiring 

* Shorter wire lengths are less likely to fail by pinching or abrading 

* 70% fewer roof-assembled parts means a longer lasting system 

* 25% fewer roof attachment points means greater roof integrity 

* Grounding process cannot skip panels, connectors will not wear or corrode 


High Performance:

* 5 - 25% better performance than ordinary DC panels 

* Built in microinverter delivers greater production in low light conditions on a per module basis 

* Latest generation monocrystalline cell technology 

* Output tolerance of just 3% means the promised power is delivered 

* Lighter weight and less space between panels so more can fit on a roof

* Lower electrical resistance losses due to shorter wire lengths 

Convenience and Safety for Customer and Installer:

* Andalay modules are UL listed and CSA certified and meet National Electrical Code requirements 

* A lighter system that requires a single hand tool to install makes it safer for the installer 

* Microinverters are fully compliant with UL 1703 solar test and National Electric Code requirements 

Beautiful Design:

* No external racks or dangling wires for a clean, uncluttered look 

* No bulky inverters or unsightly wiring 

* No gaps between panels for a contiguous, smooth appearance 

* Panels and all hardware are flat black – they look like skylights! 

Long Warranty:

* 12/25 year power output Andalay module warranty provides confidence in purchasing today and protection in the future 

* 15 Year Standard Microinverter Warranty Environmentally Sensitive 

* No external cardboard packaging means less waste to dispose 

* Lighter weight and fewer parts means fewer resources required to produce and less fuel needed to transport 

Whats Included?

8 x 235 Watt AC Solar Panel, Single Phase

10 x Mounts for Comp Shingle Roof

10 x L-Brackets 

10 x T-Bolts

10 x Flanged, 3/8"-16 Nut, Black

10 x Clips, Springs, Wire Management

  1 x AC Branch Circuit, 240VAC, Enphase Install Kit

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