Enphase M215-60-2LL-S22 215W Micro Inverter 4mm

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Enphase M215-60-2LL-S22 215W Micro Inverter 4mm

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Enphase M215 MC4 215 Watt Grid-Tie Microinverter

The Enphase M215 Energy Microinverter System improves energy harvest, increases reliability and dramatically simplifies design, installation and management of solar power systems.

Enphase M215 microinverters should ideally be paired with solar panels 240 Watts or higher.  Enphase microinverters work with 60-cell modules ONLY.

Enphase M215 Micro inverter Installation Video:


Enphase microinverters are installed behind each solar panel, turning the DC electricity from each solar panels into usable AC electricity.

The Complete Enphase System includes:

Enphase Microinverters

Envoy Communications GatewayTM

Enlighten® web-based monitoring and analysis software

Key Features:


     Maximum energy production 

     Resilient to dust, debris and shading 

     Performance monitoring per module


     System availability greater than 99.8% 

     No single point of system failure


     Quick & simple design, easy installation and management 

     24/7 monitoring and analysis with Envoy Communications Gateway


     Low voltage DC 

     Reduced fire risk

Peak Inverter Efficiency: 96.5% 
CEC Weighted Efficiency: 96% 
Recommended PV Input (STC): 260W 
Maximum DC Input Voltage: 45V 
Maximum DC Input Current: 10A 
AC Nominal Voltage: 208 V 240 V 
AC Frequency: 60Hertz 
Continous AC Power Output: 215Watts 
Nominal AC Voltage: 208Volts
Mechanical Data
Dimensions: 1 × 6.8 × 6.2 inches 
Weight: 3.5 pounds
General Features
25 year limited warranty

Integrates with Enphase Engage Cable 

CSA listed per UL 1741/IEE1547


Enphase Energy M215 Data Sheet:

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