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Generate your own clean, renewable energy and reduce or eliminate your monthly electric bill.
The savings add up to thousands of dollars! Take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit before it expires in 2016.

3kW Solar Panels for home

3kW Solar Home in CA

Investment: $8,400 · Annual Savings: $1,505

10kW Solar Panels for business

10kW Solar Business in HI

Investment: $28,000 · Annual Savings: $6,542

2kW Solar Panels for home

2kW Solar Home in CA

Investment: $5,600 · Annual Savings: $1,003

10kW Solar Panels for home

10kW Solar Home in AZ

Investment: $28,000 · Annual Savings: $3,504

Tesla goes Solar

Tesla Owner Goes Solar

Paid in Bitcoin · Offsets tons of CO2 Emissions

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Every solar power project starts with a consultation to see what size solar system you need. We’ll ask you a few easy questions about your home energy use and financial goals and give you an estimated cost to go solar. It’s quick and easy.


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We're experienced solar veterans, packaging solar kits since 2006. Our work has been featured on CBS, USA Today, and we've earned a GSA contract with the Federal Government. More than just supplying parts, we also provide value-added services including designs, permitting, and interconnection. Choose us for a complete end-to-end experience - we help you every step of the way until you're generating free energy from the sun!

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