5kW DIY Solar Install Kit w/Microinverters

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$9,241.00 - $10,627.15
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Is This 5kw Solar System Right for Me?

This 5kW micro inverter-based kit is a serious residential solar system and one of our most popular choices for average electricity consumers*.

5kW Solar System Details:

  • Produces 5,330 watts of DC (direct current) power
  • Requires up to 299 square feet of space to produce an estimated 350 to 850 kWh (kilowatt hours) of AC (alternating current) power monthly
  • Can offset 40 to 90% of monthly electric usage and reduce utility bills by up to 90%
  • Achieves highest output with an unobstructed south-facing view of the sun
  • Includes 13 solar panels, 13 micro inverters, racking and attachments, and system monitoring

How Much Will This 5kw Solar System Save Me?

A 5kW solar system can cover 40 to 90% of your electricity usage, lowering your bills by up to 90%!

Actual power generated will vary based on location, equipment and installation factors. Refer to your electric utility bill to find your actual monthly kWh usage to determine how much power this 5kW solar system can generate.

*Average American household electric consumption is 920 kWh per month.

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What's Included in My 5kW Solar System Kit?

Our DIY installation kits are easy to set up. We provide all the solar components you need from start to finish.

  • Solar Panels: Our 5kW solar system includes Tier 1 monocrystalline solar panels with 25-year warranties.
  • Micro Inverters: This 5kW solar kit comes with Enphase IQ8 Micro Inverters, which are safe and allow for expansion and independent system monitoring. Learn more about Enphase micro inverters and their benefits.
  • Racking and Attachments: We provide industry-leading IronRidge racking mounts to attach the solar panels to your roof.
  • System Monitoring: Free with every kit purchase! View and analyze your solar energy production in real-time.
  • System Design and Financial Analysis: We'll custom engineer this system for your roof and calculate the payback on your solar investment.

Not Included: Wire, conduit, fittings, breakers, AC/DC Disconnects (if required), junction boxes and a sub panel (if required). All these items can be purchased at any electrical supply shop, Home Depot or Lowes, and will typically cost $300 to $500. Our technical support representative will provide a shopping list once your plans are complete. Plans, interconnection, and any other services are not included in this kit, but available for an additional fee.

We’ll help you calculate all costs and savings with our 5kW solar system! Request a free quote.

How Do I Install a 5kw Solar System?

You can install our DIY 5kW solar systems within one or two weekends on your own! GoGreenSolar’s DIY kits include industry-leading solar panels, inverters and racking systems to make DIY installation as smooth as possible.

If you’ve wired an AC outlet before and are comfortable working on your roof, you can install our 5kW solar system easily. If DIY isn’t for you, you can hire a local contractor to help with the installation and still save money!

5 Steps to Install a DIY 5kw Solar System

You can install your 5kW solar system within 2 days after obtaining a permit from your city or county. Start producing power from the sun in as little as one weekend!

  1. Apply for a permit: Your city or county’s plan review process can take up to 10 days, but once approved, you can get started.
  2. Install racking and mounting: Locate the rafters on your home and secure the racking system directly.
  3. Install solar panels and inverters: The inverters tie into the grid through a dedicated breaker in your main service panel.
  4. Pass the inspection: Once installation is complete, your city or county inspector must conduct an inspection meeting prior to signing off
  5. Complete interconnection: Send the final job card, interconnection paperwork and net metering agreement to your utility provider who can grant you Permission to Operate. This can take up to four weeks. Pro-tip: Add on our interconnection service we’ll process all the paperwork for you!

Our job is not over until your system is producing clean energy from the sun. We offer you support throughout the whole installation process with manuals, videos, and technical support.

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Should I Pay a Contractor to Install a 5kw Solar System?

Any licensed general, electrical or solar contractor can install our solar kits, but this comes at a cost.

If you hire a contractor to install your 5,330-watt solar system, you should expect to pay approximately $1.00 per watt for labor, wire, conduit, fittings, breakers and other miscellaneous electrical components — approximately $5,330 total for installation.

To lower the cost of your 5kW solar system, you can complete the installation yourself! When you choose GoGreenSolar’s DIY kits, you’re getting wholesale prices and saving big on installation costs. GoGreenSolar offers the lowest pricing guaranteed.

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Why Choose Grid-Tie Microinverters?

Safer: The system does not employ dangerous, unprotected high DC voltages, eliminating the risk of potential fires as outlined above. The system’s cabling through the roof to your switchboard is regular 240V AC, the same as all other household cabling, and is circuit protected via a circuit breaker in your switchboard.

Shade tolerant and fault redundancy: Each solar panel operates independently, as it has its own dedicated micro inverter. The result is that the system does not suffer from the ‘Christmas light effect’ explained above; one shaded or soiled panel will result in a loss of power from that panel only, and will not drag down the performance of the others. The same goes for any fault; in a conventional DC solar system, a complete failure of a solar panel or central string inverter will usually result in an entire system failure.

Easily expandable: The system size is not ultimately dictated by the capacity of a wall mounted string inverter, allowing for additional panels to be added at any time and only limited by your roof space and budget.

Your Complete Solar Kit is based on the best micro-inverters in the business. These inverters are backed by world class technical & customer support. They come with an unparalleled 25 year warranty that matches the 25 year performance module warranty.

Call 866-710-8259 to give us details about your house and we can quickly provide a good estimate of how much the kit would produce if installed at your zip code under proposed tilt and azimuth.

MicroInverter Advantages

Free System Monitoring: Envoy and the Enphase Home Energy Solution

The Enphase IQ Envoy enables remote system monitoring and update capabilities for Enphase IQ microinverter systems. The IQ Envoy communicates with IQ microinverters, transmitting performance and production data which can be viewed either directly from the IQ Envoy or online from any internet-connected device. The IQ Envoy is easy to install with integrated Wi-Fi and ethernet connection options. Enphase also offers cellular data plans for monitoring sites where an internet connection isn’t available. The IQ Envoy is capable of revenue-grade metering and meets ANSI C12.20 standards.

Meet the brains behind smart home energy.

Meet the Envoy, the brains of the Enphase Home Energy Solution. Between collecting real-time data from your microinverters and delivering remote updates back out to them, the Envoy keeps your entire system in constant communication.

A connected system is a smarter system.

Thanks to the Envoy, Enphase brings you more than solar. We bring you a connected home.

Today, that means ease, insights, and reliable solar energy. Tomorrow, it’s the intelligence to adapt to changing grid requirements, via automatic remote updates that Envoy downloads and pushes out to your microinverters.

Energy you can count on, today and into the future. That's Energy Evolved.

Discover the power of being connected.

  • Bi-directional communications

    The Envoy delivers performance data from your microinverters to the Web, and carries system updates from the Web to your microinverters. Two directions, optimal benefits.

  • In-depth monitoring

    The Envoy brings you the real-time, module-level performance data that makes it easy to monitor your system or fleet from any web-connected device.

  • Remote problem-solving

    The Envoy lets you pinpoint performance issues instantly and resolve them remotely, before they get in the way of system performance.

    The Envoy saves you time and money on unplanned truck rolls: at $100 - $300 per truck roll, the savings add up.

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