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About Us

GoGreenSolar is based in sunny Orange County, California, serving customers all over the United States. Since 2006, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners and businesses go solar through do-it-yourself solutions.

Powering Your Life With Sunshine

Our mission is to make energy independence more accessible and affordable for all homeowners and businesses. We live this out by:

  • Selling top-tier solar panels and equipment directly to consumers, cutting out the middle man
  • Encouraging DIY installation to lower the cost of going solar
  • Offering expert guidance to help consumers reduce or even eliminate their electric bill
  • Advocating for progressive energy policies that benefit the environment and our customers.

Our Values

Our company ethos is built on the pillars of teamwork, adaptability, and positivity.

  • Teamwork

    Our dedication to teamwork strengthens our internal operations and enhances employee satisfaction. It also benefits our customers by providing superior products and services resulting from multiple perspectives, diverse skills, and collective innovation.

  • Adaptability

    The solar power industry is rapidly changing, and new advancements and public policy constantly evolve. Adaptability is essential for our company to remain competitive, relevant, and successful in providing solar and storage solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers.

  • Positivity

    Our employees are committed to providing exceptional service with a positive attitude, going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. A positive work environment creates a positive customer experience with motivated, empathetic, and solution-oriented employees. The result = happier customers who foster long-term relationships with our company.

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Our Story


The First Step

While pursuing his Master’s in Finance at Boston University, Deep Patel attends Solar Power 2006 in San Jose, California, to conduct industry research and write a report for a school project. He launches his blog,, shortly after.


New Beginnings

Deep leaves an unfulfilling finance job to pursue full-time. He recognizes the lack of high-quality, publicly-available information about solar, so he starts publishing blogs to share his expertise on the emerging technology.


Establishing a Foundation

The blog grows, and Deep discovers that many of his contacts need help with solar panel installation. Initially, he acts as a middleman, sending leads to solar companies, but he later expands his offerings with more products, services and financing options. He starts to advertise online and drop-ship products directly to customers.


First Solar Kit Installed

GoGreenSolar collaborates with the Unleash Power for the People Foundation to install a 1.1 kW off-grid system at Bashoy-Abucot Elementary in Benguet, Philippines — a school with no access to the grid. Following the successful installation, students could enjoy access to lighting, fans, refrigeration and computers. 


Hands-On experience

Deep volunteers with Grid Alternatives, a nonprofit organization that installs solar panels for low-income housing in the Los Angeles region. He gains valuable knowledge about installation and customers’ needs and challenges with DIY solar panels.


DIY Solar Gains Momentum

Deep applies his new knowledge to tackle his next project: installing a ground-mount system in his parent's backyard with help from friends and his brother, Raj. He learns the complexities of DIY installation and blogs about his experience, bringing more attention to DIY solar. To keep up with growing demand, he hires his first employees: Raj and Linh, who he met while working in finance.


Brand Growth

In celebration of Earth Day, GoGreenSolar is featured on The Price is Right, exposing the brand to millions of viewers. The prize, a solar cabana, was a shade structure with eight solar panels that showcased how solar could be both accessible and stylish.


Public Works Project

GoGreenSolar deploys the world’s first grid-connected solar panel system for bus shelters in Corona, California. These shelters are a source of shade for transit users and double as mini power plants to operate stoplights and reduce the city’s energy bills.


City of Los Angeles Project

The City of Los Angeles approaches GoGreenSolar to offset its lighting bills by installing solar panels on streetlight poles. Deep works with the city to design a unique grid-connected solar panel that reduces the city's energy consumption and carbon footprint and promotes the adoption of solar power at a larger scale.


Business Takes Off

The GoGreenSolar team moves to a larger office and warehouse in Placentia, California. They expand operations and hire more staff to support the increasing demand for services and the growing trend of homeowners going solar.



GoGreenSolar receives the Green Energy Firm of the Year Award from the City of Los Angeles, presented by then-Mayor Villaraigosa. The award is a testament to the company's commitment to promoting solar power solutions and their work with the City of Los Angeles in 2011.


SunJack Launch

GoGreenSolar launches a new division, SunJack, to produce portable solar panel charging kits for campers, military personnel, or humanitarian aid agencies to charge devices and provide lighting in remote areas. The product’s powerful charging speeds and the brand’s humanitarian work attracted media attention.


Meeting Solar Pioneers

Along with his friends Jeff and Harold, Deep visits Humboldt, California, to meet solar pioneers David Katz and Johnny Weiss — backwoods engineers and business hippies who first delivered "solar power to the people” in the 70s. The team sought to learn from these pioneers and gain insights into the early days of solar technology and its evolution.


The White House

Deep is invited to participate in a White House roundtable discussion on U.S. energy policy during the Obama administration. He advocates for a future with rooftop solar panels paired with energy storage and electric cars with vehicle-to-home technology. This event signifies GoGreenSolar's expertise and capability to contribute to crucial national energy policy discussions.


Solar Panel Factory Tours

Deep visits solar panel factories across the U.S. and Asia to source the most reliable and efficient solar panels for GoGreenSolar customers. During these visits, Deep assesses the manufacturing process, quality control measures, and technology used to produce the panels.


California Solar Policy

Deep serves as the California Storage and Storage Association (CALSSA) Los Angeles chapter leader, regularly visiting Sacramento, California to advocate for policies that support consumer adoption of solar and storage. He meets with legislators to discuss hot topics in solar while lobbying for policies that help consumers access affordable, reliable DIY solar kit solutions.


Federal Solar Policy

As an active member of the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA), Deep travels to Washington D.C. to meet with elected representatives to discuss rooftop solar, advocate for policies that support industry growth, and stay informed about the latest industry and technology developments.


Thriving Through the Pandemic

GoGreenSolar thrives and expands during the pandemic thanks to online sales growth, an updated website, and surging interest in home renovations. The company relocates to Anaheim and opens a satellite office in Redding, California. Other DIY solar leaders join the company, and with their help, GoGreenSolar quickly adapts to the changing market.


Leaders in DIY Solar & Storage Solutions

We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings. While we’ve significantly grown over the past decade, we remain committed to continuous improvement to provide the best products and customer experience possible!

Meet our team

Our solar veterans bring decades of combined experience to be the best team in the DIY solar industry. Each individual brings a unique background and passion for a life powered by sunshine.

We’re experts in solar and storage technology, permitting, utility interconnection, installation, customer service, logistics, operations & maintenance, project financing and public policy. We’re dedicated to providing the best service around, and can’t wait to help you with your project!

Deep Patel
Founder & CEO
Jeff Haas
VP of Sales
Josh Roelofs
Customer Success Manager
Harold Tan
Information Technology Manager
Sal Torres
Installation Support Manager
Gayle Kamei
Linh Tran
Solar Advisor
Raj Patel
Solar Advisor
Todd Evirs
Solar Advisor
Steve Ferris
Solar Advisor
John Davis
Solar Advisor
Jackie Lane
Solar Advisor
Alec Newlands
Solar Advisor
Kristan Beckman
Operations Associate
Ethan Campos
Order Manger
Schwa Rice
Technical Trainer & Plan Set Coordinator
Kaleb Andrews
Project Coordinator
Nirav Makadia
Tech Support
Francis Joel Lacson
Tech Support
Seema Chhabra
Solar Layout Drafter
Jerry Rangel
Warehouse Associate II
Tom Johnstone
Warehouse Associate I

I am deeply passionate about solar and storage because it democratizes energy, making it accessible to everyone.

By harnessing the sun’s power with solar panels and storing energy in batteries, we no longer depend on centralized power systems, allowing individuals and communities to generate electricity and take control of their energy future.

We’re benefiting our planet and creating more equitable, sustainable world for all.

Deep Patel

Founder & CEO

Why Choose GoGreenSolar?

  • Custom Design

    We work with you to determine the exact configurations for your custom solar system. Our solar pros use satellite technology to create solar panels that fit your home’s unique specifications. They also draft code-compliant plans that ease the approval process with your city, HOA and utility company.

  • Hassle-Free Installation

    Hassle-free installation, guaranteed. Set up your solar system with our help, or hire a licensed contractor to help you get the job done. You’ll have full control over the installation process and save thousands versus hiring a turn-key solar company.

  • Full Technical Support

    GoGreenSolar is the only solar company that provides custom installation guides, permitting assistance, utility interconnection, commission, monitoring support and warranty support.

    Plus, you will receive dedicated phone and email support from a certified solar professional.

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee*

    We’re the only solar company to offer a money-back guarantee. If your permit isn’t approved even after following the proper steps, we’ll provide a full refund of your purchase.

    *Some exclusions applied. See Details



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