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Quick Hook® for Side Mount Rails

Quick Hook, featuring QHook technology, is engineered to Quick Mount PV’s industry-leading standards. Quick Hook is fast and simple to install. Two height options allow for use with a variety of flat and curved tiles. Includes preformed flashing for code compliance. Mounting PV on tile has never been easier, stronger, and more waterproof.


  • 2 height options for use with a variety of flat and curved tiles
  • Designed for use with side-mounted rails
  • Eliminates tile hole cutting for a fast, simple installation
  • Includes preformed sub flashing for code compliance
  • Better aesthetics with no visible flashing
  • Sliding hook makes it easy to hit the rafter and match hook to the valley of the tile
  • 100% IBC compliant
  • Meets or exceeds all roofing industry best practices
  • Works with most leading racks
  • Made in the USA 
  • 25-year warranty

Each mount kit (12 per box) includes:

  • 4½" x 6" wide all aluminum base plate
  • Two 18-8 stainless steel 516" x 3½" hex head lag screws
  • One #12 x 58", 18-8 stainless steel self-tapping screw
  • One 9" x 14" all aluminum subflashing 
  • One Quick Hook standard or low height aluminum tile hook


Flashing size 9" x 14"
Pullout/compression/shear Average Ultimate Load Capacities [lbf] in Douglas Fir
Hook Height Pullout Compression Shear Parallel to Rafter Shear Perpendicular to Rafter
Standard height
1209 812 622 362
Low Height
1242 674 1057 711
Tools needed for installation
  • Stud finder
  • Tape measure
  • Utility knife
  • Drill with 7/32" bit
  • #3 phillips power bit (use with drill only)
  • Impact drill with ½" socket
  • Caulking gun
  • One tube of sealant compatible with roofing materials
  • Roofing bar
  • Hand broom
  • Stapler
  • 18" wide piece of underlayment or materials for 3-course method during deck flashing installation
  • Electric grinder with a 4.5" triple sandwich tuck point blade
Applicable roof types The Quick Hook is designed for use with a variety of flat and S-shaped curved tiles.
Available finishes
  • Aluminum mill
Compatible racks

Installing the Quick Hook

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