Is Solar Right For You?

More people than ever are going solar, but it's not for everybody. A few key factors go a long way in determining whether solar power can save you money. You could be a great candidate for solar if:

  • You own your home
  • You have a roof that isn't heavily shaded and is in good condition
  • Your home uses at least a moderate amount of electricity

How It Works

1. We analyze your electricity usage to determine how many solar panels you need to offset your bill.
2. Our engineers draft a free layout of solar for you on your actual roof.
3. You receive a solar proposal with financial ROI taking into account Federal and state tax credits, utility rebates, renewable energy credits and net metering.
4. When you're ready, we'll help you install solar and save money year after year!

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Solar is one of the best investments you can make - act now and enjoy a 26% Federal tax credit!