Why Choose Our Kits?

solar kit guarantee

When you buy one of our solar kits, you're not only buying a more complete set of parts than the competition - you're buying a guarantee that you will receive a permit to install your system or your money back.

We're with you every step of the way, and will make sure you have all the necessary components and instructions to get your system up and running. We have thousands of satisfied customers and hundreds of testimonials!

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Free Custom Solar Design

Free Solar PV Design

We've developed a unique remote solar design system that allows us to accurately show how the solar panels will fit on your roof using advanced satellite technology.

Our kits are custom fitted to your home’s unique specifications. You will receive a proposal showing solar panel layout on your roof along with forecasted energy production when you request a quote.

You will receive a cookie cutter system quote with no guarantee the system will fit on your roof or maximize your solar energy production based on shading, sun direction, roof angle and type, vents and obstructions, and numerous other factors.

Do you really want to gamble on an expensive bag of parts?

American Made Solar Panels

American Made Solar Panels

Our standard solar kits include American made solar panels manufactured in Riverside, California with imported parts. When you purchase a standard GigaWatt solar kit you are supporting American jobs!

Our competitors use Asian made solar panels to be able to advertise the lowest price possible. Many times they advertise misleading brands such as Canadian Solar that has manufacturing facilities in Asia, or Suniva, an American corporation which is owned by a Chinese company that assembles it’s solar panels in Canada. Don’t be fooled by clever marketing.

Roof Attachments

Our solar kits include roof attachments as a standard item because we know having the right attachments is key to getting your project done on time and within budget.

Our kits include attachments for all types of roofs including composite shingle, tile, metal and flat roofs. Roof attachment costs account for a considerable portion of a solar kit.

Many of our competitors don’t include roof attachments in their kits to lower their advertised price. They consider roof attachments as a option.

Customers purchase the kit thinking they have all the parts required and then find out later that a critical part of the solar electric system is missing causing frustration, lost time and added cost during the installation process.

Installation Guides

solar installation guide

We’ve created custom installation guides to give you step by step instructions on how to install your solar electric system from start to finish in a code compliant manner, saving you time and money, and avoiding costly mistakes.

Even the smallest details are covered in our installation guide so you can get your solar project done right the first time.

The competitors will provide you manufacturer supplied installation instructions which are typically cobbled together from various component suppliers and don’t give you a consistent step-by-step guide on how to install a solar electric system from start to finish.

Wireless Monitoring

Solar Wireless Monitoring

Wireless monitoring of your solar system is included in our kits, saving you time and money from running an ethernet cable from your modem to your inverter.

We include this part as a standard feature in our kit because we know how difficult and expensive it is to run a cable from a solar inverter to the router.

To market a lower advertised price many of our competitors do not include wireless monitoring in their kits.

Customers don’t realize the value of the monitoring until they’re faced with cost and time required to run a cable from an inverter outside their house to the internet router inside their house.

Monitoring Setup

Solar Monitoring Setup

Our engineers will help you commission and setup your online monitoring account for you so you can rest knowing your solar panels are making you money.

Figure it out on your own! Commissioning a solar electric system can be a frustrating and time consuming process figuring it all out for the first time.


solar shipping

A solar electric system can be comprised of hundreds of little parts beyond the solar panels. We understand that organization is key when installing a solar electric system, so we stock and individually bag and label each part so when it’s time for you to install your solar electric system you can find the right part fast and get your job done quickly!

Some of our competitors do not stock the parts they sell and will drop ship your order to lower their costs. What that means is that you will receive a random box of a mixed parts. It will be extremely time consuming to sort through the parts and delay completing your solar project.

Tech Support

solar tech support

We don’t leave you hanging after you purchase a solar kit from us! Our dedicated, experienced solar installers and engineers will help you every step of the installation process over phone and email. Our job is not over until you generate energy from the sun!

You’ll be lucky if they have a tech support department! Most likely you’ll be redirected to the manufacturer’s tech support department and when you call them they will redirect you back to the company who sold you the system thus leaving you in a frustrating back and forth game of ping pong.

Plan Sets

solar plan set design

Our engineers draft code compliant solar plans customized for your project. We have an in-house team that you can call if you have any questions about your plan sets.

Our plan sets include all the required documents you need to get your solar permit. When you buy our solar kit with our solar permit service we guarantee you will get your permit to install your solar panels or your money back.

To maximize profit our competitors often outsource your plan set drafting to India or the Philippines. The quality of these plan sets are not thoroughly checked and many times will receive a plan set full of errors.

Some competitors will provide you a generic single line diagram that is not customized for your particular solar kit and can’t be used to submit to your city for a permit.

Utility Interconnection

solar utility interconnection

We’ll work with your utility to make sure you receive permission to operate.

As soon as you purchase our solar kit we start working with your utility immediately.

You're on your own. Good luck working with the utility to get approval to turn on your solar system!

If you don't receive permission to operate, you might have your solar system installed but not be allowed to turn it on.

Required System Labels

Solar PV System Labels

Our customers pass final inspections and turn on their solar electric systems much faster because we include the required labels and stickers required for a code compliant installation.

They don’t include the labels you need because they don't care about how fast you get the installation done after you purchase the hardware. Their job ends when you purchase the hardware not when you finish the job successfully which is why they don’t bother to include such a key part of the solar electric system, the labeling.


Solar financing options

We offer easy, quick approval loans to help you own your own solar! Zero down, no lien, no prepay penalty.

Most of our competitors require you to provide your own financing.