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Solar battery backup systems guarantee a power source — even during a grid service failure or natural disaster. When the grid goes down, a battery backup system automatically detects and transitions your solar system from grid power to backup power.

Having a reliable energy storage solution gives you peace of mind in case of power outages. Shop our selection of backup-ready solar kits.

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Will a solar battery backup system power my entire house?

It could! Depending on your needs, you can select whole home backup or partial home backup configurations.

How reliable is the Enphase Ensemble battery backup system?

Years of research, design and testing have gone into the development of the Enphase Ensemble system. The system has no moving parts and was designed to avoid Single Point of Failure (SPOF) scenarios. In addition, its semiconductor technology is resistant to humidity and extreme temperatures, making it extremely reliable in emergencies.

What size Enphase Ensemble system do I need to back up my home?

Storage system needs vary depending on your lifestyle and energy consumption. Enphase Ensemble systems are flexible, enabling you to start small and grow over time. Please contact us to determine the most suitable size for your home energy needs.

How many components are there in an Enphase Ensemble system?

The Enphase Ensemble system consists of six components:

  • Encharge 10 storage system and/or an Encharge 3 storage system
  • Enpower smart switch
  • Wireless communication kit
  • IQ combiner
  • IQ service microinverters for Ensemble technology

How much does the Enphase Ensemble cost?

The cost of an Enphase Ensemble battery system varies depending on your usage and lifestyle. Please contact us for more information.

Do Enphase Ensemble components have a warranty?

Every Ensemble component is manufactured and protected by Enphase.

  • Enphase IQ microinverters are covered by a 25-year limited warranty.
  • Enphase Encharge storage systems and Enpower smart switches are covered by a 10-year limited warranty.

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