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Every solar power project starts with a consultation to see what size solar system you need. We’ll ask you a few easy questions about your home energy use and financial goals and give you an estimated cost to go solar. It’s quick and easy.

How Can Solar Work For You?

Did you know solar power can supply up to 100 percent of your energy needs? In addition to saving money by reducing your monthly cost, installing a solar system can increase the property value of your home or commercial building by a ratio of 20:1 of property value to annual savings. In addition, between SoCal Edison and SDGE's high electric rates, the 26% Federal Tax Credit being still available, and the cost effective solutions we offer, Southern California residents will see their systems pay off in as little as 4-7 years. A zero down financed solar power system can allow you to realize positive cash flow from day one.

There are many benefits to installing solar systems in both residential and commercial properties. Contact our Southern California solar power contractors and one of our experienced project developers will explain the benefits that apply to you and your property over the phone.