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A solar system is going to be the main power source of your home, so without a doubt, you want a system that's properly designed.

Why? Let's look at the key components of an off-grid solar system and how they work with each other.

Solar Panels

A solar panel produces energy. The amount of energy you want for your home determines how much solar power you need. 

If you have a daily energy usage of 20kWh, you will need a 5kW - 10kW solar system depends on your location. 

Charge Controller

A charge controller manages the energy that goes into the battery bank. There is a limit as to how much solar power a charge controller can handle.

One Outback FM100 controller can process up to 6000W in a 48V DC system. If you have 8000W of solar power going through that one charge controller, 2000W of energy will go to waste. If a string of solar panels is oversized and has over 150V DC, it would burn out the charge controller.

Battery Bank

Energy stored in the battery bank is what keeps your home powered. You want to have enough battery reserve to last you however long you would like it to.

3 days of battery reserve is a good rule if budget allows. Otherwise, your generator will be running a lot when bad weather hits. Lithium battery is modular, meaning you can start small and add more batteries later on!

Different battery types have different optimal depth of discharge (DOP). It's usually 80% for Lithium battery and 50% for Lead Acid. This has to be factored in when sizing a battery bank to prolong battery life.


An inverter converts DC power into AC power, which is most household appliances use. The size of the inverter determines what and how many appliances can be run at once. 

As you can see, an off-grid system needs to be carefully designed. And we are here to help with that.

We know that a solar system is a huge investment and that you depend on it to keep your home powered. That's why we make sure you are getting the right system for your needs!


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