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Enphase Enlighten® Solar Monitoring Software

Web-Based Monitoring and Analysis Software
The Enlighten website provides a wide range of information on the performance of the solar power system and individual solar panels. A graphical representation of the solar array provides "at a glance" information on the status of each module. More detailed information, including current and lifetime performance metrics, give users a true view of the benefits of the solar energy installation.

Integrated Per-module Monitoring
Enlighten automatically monitors the performance of every module in the system with the Enphase Envoy Communications Gateway. No additional monitoring hardware or software is needed. Unlike third party monitoring systems, which only monitor the inverter, Enlighten provides unprecedented visibility into the performance of every individual module with Enphase microinverters.

Enphase Enlighten® Interface

Enlighten is continuously monitoring the performance of the solar power system and will highlight any deviation in performance by comparing the harvest of individual modules to the harvest of surrounding modules. Customers can choose to be sent an alert upon certain conditions, and problems can be addressed either during routine maintenance or at the installer's convenience.

Only solar systems with Enphase microinverters and an Enphase Envoy Management Unit are compatible with Enphase Enlighten®

Enphase Enlighten® Web-Based Monitoring requires:

Enphase Microinverters:

    Microinverters attach behind each solar panel, turning the DC electricity from each solar panel into usable AC electricity.
    With each microinverter working independently, Enphase systems are optimized for locations prone to shading from nearby trees and make it easy to add solar panels to your system in the future.
    Each mircoinverter is connected to the internet with it’s own IP address, so the web-based software Enlighten provides data about your system’s output – whether you’re at home on your PC or using your the Enlighten app your iPhone.   Each microinverter operating independently means you can see the output of individual panels in your array, making troubleshooting issues much easier than a string inverter would.  Click here to see the new Wi-fi option for the Enphase Envoy.

      Enphase Envoy Management Unit:

        The Enphase Envoy is a communications gateway that collects performance information for each solar module in a user's system and transmits this data to the Enlighten™ website, where users can view and manage the performance of their solar power system.
        The Envoy can be plugged into any standard AC outlet. Enphase Micro-inverters transmit data over the existing power line. No additional wiring is required. Once the unit is plugged into an AC outlet, simply connect an Ethernet cable from the Envoy into a broadband router or connect wirelessly with the new wi-fi adapter.  Performance data is transmitted using broadband Ethernet protocols for immediate access to performance information.The Enphase Envoy works in conjunction with the Enphase Microinverter and the Enlighten website.

        Communications Interface

        Power line: Enphase proprietary

        Ethernet: 10/100 auto-sensing, auto-negotiation

        USB (one or two ports, depending on Envoy model): USB 2.0 interface, auto-sensing, auto-negotiation

        Did you know that you may need an Enphase Envoy in order to qualify for tax rebates?

        Many utilities require an approved monitor to qualify for financial rebates. The Enphase Envoy is a widely approved energy monitor in the United States.

        Click here for more information about California’s Expected Performance-Based Buydown (EPBB), an upfront, lump-sum rebate available to homeowners with Enphase monitoring for their solar systems.


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