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Battery Bank Choices and Sizing

JUNE 14, 2022, 11:00AM - 12:00PM (PDT)

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Battery Bank Sizing and Energy Storage Considerations

What are the differences between lead acid and lithium batteries, and which one would suit you better for your back-up or off-grid needs? Are you curious how much battery power it would take to back up your essential loads or to live off the grid?

Join us for a webinar about battery storage and learn how to make the best choice on batteries and to size a battery bank like a pro.

An improperly sized battery bank can leave you in the dark if it's too small and an oversized battery bank will add unnecessary expense to your project. Join GoGreen and level-up your battery storage skills!


Picture of Schwa Rice

Schwa Rice

Schwa has 11 years' experience working in solar. He has helped thousands of DIY'ers to install and operate their solar systems successfully. Schwa has a wonderful way of making solar accessible and a deep understanding of solar technology and design.

Picture of Jeff Haas

Jeff Haas

Jeff has worked in solar since 2006 and has personal experience living in a home with a solar system with batteries. Jeff is a true believer in sustainability and renewable energy. "Solar plus storage is the wave of the future, if you are thinking about solar you should learn about your options to add batteries for backup or to choose a system that you can add batteries to later."

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