GigaWatt Solar Kit Quickstart Guide

GigaWatt Solar Kit QuickStart Video Guide: 

This webpage contains important video instructions to use during installation of the GigaWatt Solar Electric Systems. To reduce the risk of electrical shock, and to ensure the safe installation and operation of GigaWatt Solar Electric Systems, view these videos before installing your system.


Universal Installation & Safety Videos

 How to Stay Safe on Your Roof





 Locating the Rafter




 The Secret to Square Rails



 How to Install the IronRidge Racking System


Micro-Inverters Installation 

 Micro-Inverters Installation 

 Micro-Inverter with Comp Shingle Roof

 Micro-Inverter with Spanish Tile Roof
 Micro-Inverter with Flat Tile Roof

SolarEdge Installation

 SolarEdge Installation 

 SolarEdge with Comp Shingle Roof

 SolarEdge with Spanish Tile Roof

 Solar Edge with Flat Tile Roof