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Ironridge Racking

IronRidge, located in Northern California, manufactures a complete line of products for the solar power industry including: roof, pole, and ground mounts, battery enclosures, battery racks, and other specialty products. IronRidge also carries a scalable ground array (IronRidge SGA) line.

Rails Clamps Adjustable L Feet & Splice Bars Grounding, Wire Clips and End Caps

XRL Rails

The IronRidge Light Rail is a super-light, highly cost-effective rail that spans over six feet under typical load conditions. This rail has a top slot for easy top mounting and is manufactured using extruded aluminum alloys.

Part # Description Qty.
6500011 12' section - Anodized 1
6500000 14' section - Anodized 1

XR10 Rails

Part # Description Qty.
XR-10-132A 11' section - Anodized 1
XR-10-168A 14' section - Anodized 1
XR-10-204A 17' section - Anodized 1

XR100 Rails

Part # Description Qty.
XR-100-132A 11' section - Anodized 1
XR-100-168A 14' section - Anodized 1
XR-100-204A 17' section - Anodized 1

XR1000 Rails

The IronRidge Standard Rail (previously XRS) is a high performance rail that spans over twelve feet under typical load conditions. This rail has slots for both top and bottom PV module mounting and is manufactured using extruded aluminum alloys.

Part # Description Qty.
XR-1000-132A 11' section - Anodized 1
XR-1000-168A 14' section - Anodized 1
XR-1000-204A 17' section - Anodized 1

IronRidge Integrated Mid Clamps

IronRidge Mid Clamps save time and labor by bonding modules directly to the rails which are be grounded by a single grounding lug. Each grounding mid clamp pierces through the anodized coatings of the module and the rail to form secure electrical bonds, eliminating the need to attach a separate grounding lug to each panel.

Integrated Ground Mid Clamps - Installation Overview

Part # Description Qty.
6910549 Integrated Grounding Mid Clamp Black 2.00" 4
6910550 Integrated Grounding Mid Clamp Black 2.25" 4
6910551 Integrated Grounding Mid Clamp Black 2.50" 4
6910552 Integrated Grounding Mid Clamp Black 2.75" 4
6910545 Integrated Grounding Mid Clamp Silver 2.00" 4
6910546 Integrated Grounding Mid Clamp Silver 2.25" 4
6910547 Integrated Grounding Mid Clamp Silver 2.50" 4
6910548 Integrated Grounding Mid Clamp Silver 2.75" 4

Ironridge End Clamps

IronRidge End Clamps secure PV modules to the rail when there are multiple modules in a row. The end clamp fits between two adjacent modules, providing clamping pressure to both modules simultaneously. The end clamps are not dependent upon the PV module's mounting holes and fit to the top slots of either Standard or Light Rails.

Installing End Clamps on XRL Rails

Installing End Clamps on XR1000 Rails

End Clamp on XRL

End Clamp on XR1000
Part # Description Qty.
6913443 End Clamp Silver "A" 1.34" 4
6401574 End Clamp Silver "C" 1.57" 4
6401714 End Clamp Silver "E" 1.71" 4
6402144 End Clamp Silver "F" 1.81" 4
6402049 End Clamp Silver "G" 1.97" 4
6402050 End Clamp Silver "H" 2.30" 4
6401254 End Clamp Silver "I" 1.25" 4
6401656 End Clamp Silver "J" 1.65" 4
6411879 End Clamp Silver "K" 1.85" 4
6491352 End Clamp Black "A" 1.34" 4
6401575 End Clamp Black "C" 1.57" 4
6181424 End Clamp Black "D" 1.6" 4
6401719 End Clamp Black "E" 1.71" 4

Ironridge Mid Clamps

IronRidge Mid Clamps secure PV modules to both Standard and Light Rails using the top slot of these rails. Clamps are independent upon the module’s mounting holes.

Installing Mid Clamps on XRL Rails

Installing Mid Clamps on XR1000 Rails

Part # Description Qty.
6402055 Mid Clamp Black "A, B, I" 2.0" - T-Bolt 4
6402054 Mid Clamp Black "A,B,I" 2.0" - HexBolt 4
6410125 IronRidge Kit, Mid Clamp Black "C,D,E,J" 2.25" - T-Bolt 4
6410824 Mid Clamp Black "F,G" 2.5" - T-Bolt 4
6910544 IronRidge Kit, Mid Clamp Silver "A, B, I" 2.0" - T-Bolt 4
6451014 IronRidge Kit, Mid Clamp Silver "C,D,E,J" 2.25" - T-Bolt 4
6401084 IronRidge Kit, Mid Clamp Silver "F,G" 2.5" - T-Bolt 4

Adjustable L Feet

IronRidge adjustable L-feet are engineered for most roof mounting applications. Vertical slots provide adjustability to account for roof irregularities. IronRidge L-feet are compatible with Quick Mount PV, Ecofasten, and many other roofing products. This product works with both Standard and Light Rails.
IronRidge Roof Mount Installation Manual

Part # Description Qty.
6400174 IronRidge L Feet Black anodized 4
6500030 Ironridge Slotted L Feet 4
6500031 Ironridge Slotted L Feet Black Anodized 4

Splice Bars

IronRidge Rails are easy to extend with Internal Splices. The internal splice bar does not interfere with clamping or attachment mounting, and offers a near seamless appearance. The IronRidge splices come standard with all mounting hardware.

Installing Splice Bars on XRL Rails

Installing Splice Bars XR1000 Rails

XRL Splice Bar

XRL Splice Bar in XRL Rail

XR1000 Splice Bar

XR1000 Splice Bar in XR1000 Rail
Part # Description Qty.
6500021 XR10 Splice Bar 1
6500022 XR100 Splice Bar 1
6400104 XR1000 Splice Bar 1
6500002 XRL Light Splice Bar 1

Ironridge End Caps for XR1000 and XRL Rails

Available for both Standard (XR1000) and Light (XRL) Rails, end caps provide a finished look while protecting against the collection of water and debris inside the rail. End caps are molded from black polycarbonate with UV protection.

End Cap for XRL

End Cap for XR1000
Part # Description Qty.
6500024 IronRidge XR10 End Cap (Bag of 20)
6500026 IronRidge XR100 End Cap (Bag of 20)
6401994 IronRidge XR1000 End Cap 1
6500009 Ironridge XRL End Cap Light 1

Tools and Library Support Manuals and Pricing Guide
Roof Mount Configurator - Support IronRidge SGA Brochure XRS Tilt Leg Install Guide 2010 (1.59MB)
Pole Mount Configurator - Support SGA Installation Guide Adjustable Tilt Leg Addendum
Ground Configurator - Support SGA Spec Details XRS Weeb Grounding Guide (700 KB)
Ballasted Roof Mount Configurator -Support XR1000 Installation Manual Iron Ridge Pricing Guide and Parts Catalog*
  XRS Install Manual (3.2MB) IronRidge 20-year Warranty
  Ballasted Roof Mount System (433KB)  
  IronRidge Intergrated Grounding  

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