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IronRidge Racking - Ballasted Roof Mount

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When it comes time to choose a flat roof solution, the IronRidge ballasted roof mount system is the easy choice. Composed of only three primary components, our intuitive system is easy to learn and even faster to install.

Described by a customer as “the most rugged ballasted system” he’s ever used, the structural steel framework is built to last and backed by an industry-leading 20-year warranty. Even with the heavy-duty construction, the IronRidge ballasted system is light on the roof. Through collaboration with one of the top wind tunnel testing laboratories, our engineers have worked hard to develop a system that minimizes the amount of ballast required. In addition, an extruded EPDM rubber footing is available to help protect and maintain your roof’s warranty.

Our modular ballasted system works with any size array and easily configures to avoid roof obstacles such as HVAC units or skylights. Since commercial rooftops are never completely flat, our ballasted solution was designed specifically with uneven surfaces in mind. The patent-pending pivoting mounting plate delivers ultimate directional flexibility allowing the system to automatically adjust to the contours of the roof.

With installation speeds beyond 12 modules per man-hour, heavy-duty steel construction, competitive pricing, and versatility on the roof, our ballasted solution is the ideal choice for your next project.

Ballasted Solar Roof Mount

PV ballast trayBallast Tray

Ballast Trays connect with modules to form a rail-less mounting system that easily follows roof contours and adapts to obstacles.

Trays are constructed of stainless and galvanized steel parts, and are internally bonded for simplified equipment grounding.

Locally-sourced concrete ballast weights minimize shipping and storage costs.

PV Module Clamp

PV Module Clamp

Module Clamps secure PV modules to the Ballast Tray.

Clamps are shipped pre-assembled and include a WEEB clip to bond the module directly to the Ballast Tray.

Multiple clamp sizes are available to fit any module thickness.

IronRidge PV Wind Deflector

Wind Deflector

Wind Deflectors reduce wind uplift and link adjacent Ballast Trays to distribute loads on the roof structure.

A range of Wind Deflector sizes is available to match any module length.

Deflectors are shipped with fastening hardware to simplify installation.


Allowable Roof Slope: Up to 5 degrees (1.12)
Max Building Height: 60'
Max Wind Speed: 140 Mph
Module Orientation: Landscape
Wind Exposure: Category B,C and D
Installation Speed: 12+ Modules/Person Hour Typical
Module Tilt Angle: 10 Degrees
Materials: G90 Galvanized Ballast Trays
5052 Aluminum Wind Deflectors & Clamps
Stainless Steel Fasteners
Warranty: 20 Yr Mfg, 10 Yr Structural
Roof Loading: As Low As 2.8 Psf
Wind Tunnel Tested: Yes
Roof Protection: Upon Request
Integrated Tray Grounding: Yes
Adapts to Slope Anomalies: Yes (Rail-less Design)
All Metal Construction: Yes


Engineering Design Guide

PDF Preview

General Letter

Data Sheet

2015 Parts Catalog

Oldcastle OLD CASTLE
Ballast Block Supplier List

The IronRidge Ballasted Roof Mount System requires the use of 4"x8"x16" solid concrete blocks weighing approximately 35lbs (whole blocks) or standard 2"x8"x16" solid concrete blocks weighing approximately 13.5lbs (also called half blocks). To order blocks for you project, contact an Old Castle location from the Ballast Block Supplier List.

Installation Manual

Watertight, simple, versatile and secure roof connections are achieved by Ecofasten. Their products provide certification points for the LEED™ Rating System and provide a great base mounting option for our Roof Mounting System.

WEEB Installation Instructions

Wiley are the manufacturers of WEEB (Washer, Electrical Equipment Bonding), a product used in our systems. WEEBs are fast, safe and reliable, and have been tested according to ANSI/UL467. WEEBs are also listed with Intertek, a National Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).

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