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US Solar Panel

U.S. Solar Panel Sale -
Buy 3, Get 1 Free!

Mission Solar 345W panels and SunSpark 335W panels are all black, high quality panels built in the U.S. When you buy 3 panels with a complete system, you get 1 free. Go with a bigger solar system, or save money on any size system. And yes we will do the math if there are fractions and discount accordingly!

Applies to complete system purchase only. Full promotion includes cash payment discount, equal to 50% of the promotion value. Credit card sales calculated at 50% of the promotional offer.

Promo ends on 10/15

Sol Ark

Sol Ark U.S. Engineered Inverter Sale

Save $400 on any Sol Ark 8,12, or 15kW inverter as part of a full system. This veteran-owned company has quickly become a leader in solar, with the highest level of customer satisfaction. Sol Ark hybrid inverters shine in gridtie systems with or without batteries, and in off grid systems as well. Want to back up your whole home with batteries, add a generator to your system, sell back to the utility with Time of Use rate programming, or even add EMP protection? Sol-Ark has you covered. You can combine this sale with our U.S. Solar Panel Promotion for even more savings!

Promo ends on 10/15

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Ready to begin your solar journey? We provide complimentary solar quotes that include premium satellite imagery of your solar layout, custom drafted by our solar designers, so you can envision your solar system and understand what you’re investing in.

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