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Solar Operations and Maintenance

Solar Operations and Management25 years is a long time. Our Solar Operations and Maintenance team protects customers’ solar investment over the 25+ year lifespan of their systems. Our dedicated service teams perform the repair, cleaning and monitoring services required to optimize system performance.

System underperforming or having issues with production? We'll send out a technician to investigate and troubleshoot the problem.

Asset Management

The most cost effective, comprehensive, and customer focused plan on the market for residential solar. We utilize cutting-edge monitoring technology to identify trends and potential issues so we can provide preventive maintenance before system problems occur.

This vigilant monitoring ensures the systems in our care achieve or exceed production goals and maximum uptime throughout their lifetime.

Our comprehensive asset management services provide: customer support, monitoring, service dispatch, fleet management, performance guarantee, and reporting, so you can spend less time managing your solar system and more time enjoying the benefits.

Extended Service Plan

Extended Service PlanOur Extended Service plan provides loan, and cash customers with long-term service coverage. ESPs are tailored to our customer requirements, but typically includes access to our trained technical support staff during regular business hours, online service and information access, and low or no cost service for the entire finance term.

Through our Extended Support Plan offerings, you can remain worry free while taking advantage of our immense knowledge and experience in residential solar operations and maintenance. Homeowners with ESP gain the security that comes with leasing a system with the financial benefits of solar system ownership.

Field Services

We offer effective in-field resolution coupled with timely reporting for all your residential solar servicing needs.

With our existing fleet of vehicles and expert technicians ready to deploy, our field services pair seamlessly with your needs for on-the-ground support and issue resolution.


Starts at $249 for a general site visit, which includes up to one hour of investigation and trouble shooting. For an additional $199, we can also investigate roof leaks, meter swap, or inverter replacement with RMA management. Inquire on $/W pricing for system removal, re-installation, or repair.


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How much do solar panels cost? Use our easy solar panel calculator to get a quick estimate of how many solar panels you’ll need for your home.

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