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Solar Panel Prices Could Go Up 40% This Year

International Trade Commission

International Trade Commission Hearing

Dear Solar Customers,

Unfortunately the price of solar panels could go up by 40% this year.

On August 15th I flew to Washington D.C. and testified to the U.S. International Trade Commission that the United States should not authorize the solar panel import tariff that is being requested by two financially struggling, foreign-owned American manufacturers (Suniva and SolarWorld). It was a grueling 10 hour hearing that consisted of both sides arguing for and against a new import tariff. 

By introducing a new import tariff, the cost of most solar panels would increase up to 40%, reducing the demand for solar and putting the hundreds of thousands of American solar jobs in sales, distribution and installation at risk.

We know that an investment in solar for most people is a financial decision. We’ve already been battered by utilities changing their rules on how solar panel owners are compensated for clean energy contributed to the grid. Adding more taxes on top of increasing costs from utilities would be like adding salt to a wound for Americans wanting to go solar.

The costs of going solar have been falling over the years and now they are on their way back up because the lack of solar panel supply this trade case has caused. Now that the first hearing in the trade case is over, the commissioners have until September 22nd to make a decision if U.S. solar panel manufacturers have been injured due to imported solar panels. The commissioners will vote and we need a 3-1 vote to close this case. If we lose the vote we will go to remedy hearing in which the argument will be how much tariff shall be added to imported solar panels. 

My feeling of the case seems like it’s highly likely that the commissioners will find injury to bail out these poorly managed foreign companies who manufacture in the U.S. since the current administration's goal is to save American manufacturing jobs.

What does this mean for you? If you are in the market right now for solar panels, I highly suggest moving forward with your decision making process as fast as possible before the important tariffs are confirmed and prices sky rocket. If you have any questions or concerns about the solar panel trade case, feel free to contact me or one of my representatives anytime. We’re always here to help you power your lives with sunshine.

Shine On!
Deep Patel
Founder & CEO
Go Green Solar

For more information, visit the Solar Energy Industry Association.

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