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Technical Support

As the Senior Design Engineer at Go Green Solar, my primary role is commonly known as "Tech Support".  When the pallets of new solar equipment are delivered to your home, you need to know there is someone competent you can call that will advise you on how to install it correctly.  I provide the Technical Firewall that protects you from the technical issues involved with solar equipment installation.  Here's how...

1) I am a licensed Electrical Contractor (C-10) in California.   We know how to “do it by the book”, so it is safe and to code.  All work has a Permit pulled with your local Building Department, and is inspected.  The inspections protect you (and future owners of your home) from substandard work.  The Permit is required in order to connect the solar equipment to the grid, which will reduce your electric bill.

2) Prior to the purchase of equipment, I can help with making choices between the equipment available.  We can review the advantages of each, which allows you to make an informed choice to match your project's needs.  

3) When the Plan Check folks at the local Building Department are requesting changes to the Plan Set submitted for your project, I can help decipher what they are asking, and generate a response.

4) During the installation process, we can review any issues encountered.  Example: For a specific length of wire run, I will help you determine the proper wire size based on the voltage and amperage carried by the conductors.  

5) I keep current with the latest changes to the National Electrical Code (NEC), as well as know which NEC version is adopted by specific States. 

I have been interested in solar power since my high school days.  It seemed like magic!  Something that is exposed to the sun can produce electrical energy, with not moving parts, no fuel costs, no pollution, completely silent, for decades.  Simply amazing!

After a career in IT, I taught Computer Science courses at the college level.  After retiring from the local college, I decided to pursue solar as a career.  I completed a course on solar energy, which gave me a foundation in the theory and science behind solar.  In order to gain hands-on experience, I volunteered with GRID Alternatives.  They are a great organization that installs solar for free on homes of low income families.  Corporate donations of funds and equipment have allowed GRID to become the 6th largest installer of solar in the US.  By using volunteer help, the labor costs are minimal.  The volunteers are given on-the-job training by Team Leaders (who are experienced volunteers).   This provides an experienced pool of talent for the solar industry, providing jobs for volunteers, and helping maintain high standards.   I have over 400 hours of volunteer service with GRID Alternatives.  As a Team Leader, I have helped many volunteers learn how to install solar; and I can help you too.  GRID also provides a catalyst for networking, which is how I landed a career with Go Green Solar.

Continuing education is an important part of staying current in the ever-changing solar industry.  More of our customers are asking for solar designs that involve batteries, either as back-up for a grid-tie system, or completely off-grid. I attended Outback Training to become more familiar with their hardware and software options.  Their pre-wired systems allow less experienced installers to have a battery-base system up and running in short order.  They offer a monitoring system, called OPTICS, that allows me to not only view how their Outback system is configured, but to change settings remotely via the internet; a real game-changer.  This allows me to more closely support our customer base, and keep their Outback systems operational.

At Go Green Solar, we truly want to help you get started in solar.  We are passionate about solar!  We don’t just offer the equipment.  Our job isn’t completed until your system is operational.  Our “product” is helping people bring solar into their lives.   We will help you choose the right system configuration for your project, offer experienced advice on the installation, and help you save money on your electric bill.  This is not only good for the ecology, but our goal is to make this a positive experience so you will become a solar advocate. 


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