16 kW Solar Kit w/ 24 kW Sol-Ark Inverter & 32.4 kWh Fortress LifePO4 Battery Bank

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$61,124.87 - $70,293.61
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Sol-Ark: Solar Without Limitations

Meet Sol-Ark, the all-in-one hybrid solar power center that can handle anything you throw at it. Connect this 16 kW Sol-Ark + Fortress battery kit to the grid for an easy home battery backup solution, or install it as a fully independent system to deliver power to remote off-grid locations.

Not only does Sol-Ark’s cutting-edge hybrid inverter work in any solar application (grid-tie, off-grid, and battery backup systems), it can automatically detect connection to the grid and switch between on-grid and off-grid applications seamlessly.

This pre-designed 16 kW solar kit contains the core components you need to go solar on your own terms, including solar panels, a power center, racking, and batteries. Whether you install your own solar panels or hire a local contractor to assemble your system, GoGreenSolar’s kits give enterprising DIYers a way to save money on their solar project vs. outsourcing it to a turnkey solar provider.

Kit Components

(40) Phono Solar 400W Solar Panels

Phono Solar’s 400W solar panel contains 144 half-cut monocrystalline cells on a white backsheet with a silver anodized aluminum alloy frame. This solar kit contains (40) 400W panels, which will generate a total of 16,000 watts or 16 kW of continuous power.

  • UL Listed
  • 19.9% efficiency rating
  • 5400 Pa snow load capacity ‒ designed to withstand harsh conditions
  • Half-cut cells are more efficient, shade tolerant, and resistant to physical damage
  • PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) technology adds an absorbent layer to the back of the cell, which captures more light and improves efficiency
  • Classified as a Tier 1 solar panel by Bloomberg NEF, a designation awarded to manufacturers with a reputation for quality and longevity in the solar industry

(2) 12 kW Sol-Ark Inverter / Charger Power Centers

Sol-Ark’s 12 kW hybrid inverter system is a highly flexible system that works equally well with or without the grid. When you’re connected to utility power, your system will roll back your meter and save you money on your electric bill. When the grid goes down, it detects the outage and effortlessly switches to backup power ‒ no user input required.

No grid? No problem. Sol-Ark is fully capable of meeting the rigorous demands of daily off-grid use. This kit contains everything you need to generate fully independent power in an off-grid environment.

Sol-Ark is an integrated power center, which means it contains the inverter, charge controller(s), breakers, and remote housed in a single unit. This fully integrated power center saves time and headaches during the installation process.

Sol-Ark’s products are well-documented, and they have a great resource center to guide you through the DIY installation process. If you get stuck, we’ve found their technical support team is among the most responsive and well-informed in the industry.

(6) 5.4 kWh Fortress eFlex LifeP04 Batteries

Add reliable, long-lasting storage to your solar power system with (6) 5.4 kWh Fortress eFlex batteries, for 32.4 kWh of total battery bank storage. These premium batteries use Lithium Iron Phosphate technology, the most advanced, safest, and longest-lasting battery chemistry on the market.

With more than 2x the cycle life of sealed lead-acid batteries, and no maintenance requirements, Fortress eFlex batteries are perfect for those who want a hassle-free storage system that’s built to last.

  • 5.4 kWh of energy storage per battery
  • Premium Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifeP04) technology
  • 98% Round Trip Efficiency
  • Built-in BMS (battery management system) balances battery cells to prolong lifespan
  • Closed-loop communication with Sol-Ark: inverter and battery communicate to configure settings and optimize performance
  • Modular design makes them easy to install

Ironridge Racking

This kit includes sturdy Ironridge racking materials to mount your solar panels on your roof or a foundational ground mount structure. Contains enough racking materials to mount the 40 solar panels included in this kit.

Ground mount systems require the construction of a metal substructure to support the weight of the solar array. The metal pipe/tube, concrete and other materials needed to build this structure are not included in this kit; be sure to budget for these extra costs. As part of our permitting package, GoGreenSolar provides a full shopping list of materials which will need to be sourced from your local hardware store.

Add-on Option: Module Level Rapid Shutdown

For roof mount systems, the National Electric Code requires a rapid shutdown system to be installed for each individual panel in your array. Rapid shutdown allows the system to be completely de-energized at the flip of a switch.

Should a fire occur on your property, firefighters use the rapid shutdown switch to flush any live electrical current from the system, so they are not at risk of electrocution from the solar array when they are working on your roof.

While system-level rapid shutdown has been the standard in the past, many building authorities are moving toward requiring rapid shutdown modules for each individual panel on your roof.

Rapid shutdown is not required for ground mount systems, therefore it is not included in the cost of this kit. If you need to add rapid shutdown to your system, call us at (866) 798-4435 or request a custom quote online.

DIY Solar - Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to install my own solar kit?

A 16kW solar system with energy storage can take two or three weekends to install.

Our kits use industry leading solar panels, inverters, and racking systems specifically selected and combined to make do-it-yourself installation possible. A homeowner who has wired an AC outlet and is comfortable working on their roof can install our solar kit.

Each task is rather simple, but you will be working at heights, on an angle, probably in the heat of the bright sun, working with power tools, hoisting large expensive pieces of glass up ladders and across a roof peppered with racking and wiring.

You will also be working with DC voltages as high as 500V DC and household 240V AC. You should be good with simple math and be mechanically inclined. If you're willing to give it a try, it can be a rewarding experience both in saving you a lot of money and of giving you a great sense of accomplishment.

If self-installation is not for you, we can help you find a local solar contractor to help you with the process.

What is the installation process?

Follow these 5 easy steps to start producing power from the sun:

  1. Take your plan set to your city or county and apply for a permit to install. The plan review process typically takes 2-4 weeks; it depends on the responsiveness of your local building authority. Once the city or county approves your plans and issues your permit you may begin installing your solar system.
  2. First, install the racking and mounting system. This is the most laborious process of the solar installation process. You’ll need to locate the rafters on your roof and secure the racking system directly to them (or to a pre-built ground mount structure).
  3. Once the racking and mounting system is built, the solar panels are easily installed by aligning the mounting holes on the panel to the rails affixed to your roof or ground mount, and tightening the panels down with the provided clamps.
  4. The batteries and inverter can be installed before or after the solar panels. The solar panels connect to the battery bank through the Sol-Ark power center. Sol-Ark connects to the battery bank and converts the energy to 120/240V AC to power the household loads.
  5. When the installation is complete, your city or county inspector must sign off on it. You can accomplish this by scheduling an inspection meeting with them.

Our job is not over until your system is producing clean energy from the sun! We offer you support throughout the installation process with manuals, videos, and technical support.

How much should I pay a contractor to install the solar kit?

Any licensed general, electrical or solar contractor can install our solar kits. If you select to hire a contractor to install your solar kit, you should expect to pay approximately $1.00 per watt for labor, wire, conduit, fittings, breakers and other miscellaneous electrical components to complete the solar system installation. For a 9.6 kW (kilowatt) system, which is 9,600 watts, you can expect to pay around $9,600 for installation. If needed, we can assist you with finding a contractor.

Benefits of Going Solar

  • Federal government provides a 26% tax credit on all residential solar installations until 12/31/2020.
  • By going solar you'll be supporting local jobs and helping America become more energy independent.
  • By going solar you'll be reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and help clean up the environment for future generations.

NOTE: Prices are based on average layout with average length wire runs. Your Complete Solar Kit will most likely be a couple hundred dollars below or above depending upon your home's requirements.

NOTE: You should also budget for shipping cost and if you're in California, Sales Tax.

NOTE: Production values can vary greatly, the numbers here are estimates based on averages.

Call 866-798-4435 to give us details about your site and we can quickly provide a good estimate of how much the kit would produce if installed at the proposed location under proposed tilt and azimuth. You will need to provide your zip code, your roof tilt and compass heading of the roof pitch.

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