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21 kW DIY Solar Panel Kit w/ SunSpark 330W Panels + Sol-Ark Inverter

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Meet Sol-Ark, the all-in-one hybrid solar power center that can handle anything you throw at it. Connect this 21.0 kW Sol-Ark + Fortress battery kit to the grid for an easy home battery backup solution. Or, install it as a fully independent system to deliver power to remote off-grid locations.

Not only does Sol-Ark’s cutting-edge hybrid inverter work in any solar application (grid-tie, off-grid or battery backup systems), it can automatically detect connection to the grid and switch between on-grid and off-grid applications seamlessly.

This pre-designed solar kit contains the core components you need to go solar on your terms, including solar panels, a power center, racking, batteries and battery enclosure. Whether you install your solar panels yourself or hire a local contractor to assemble your system, GoGreenSolar’s kits give enterprising DIYers a way to save money on their solar project vs. outsourcing it to a turnkey solar provider.

  • Sol-Ark Inverter/Charger supports simultaneous AC and DC coupling
  • 126 Amp Grid or Generator Passthrough (63 amps per inverter)
  • 4ms UPS – No glitch transfer capability
  • 4 MPPTs to allow for different solar panel orientations (2 per inverter)
  • Remote Access and App
  • Integrated 250A Battery Breaker/Disconnect
  • Premium Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePO4) Technology with 98% Round Trip Efficiency
  • Integrated Battery Management System to balance battery cells
  • Closed-loop communication between batteries and inverter/charger
What’s Included
  • 64 Tier-1 Solar Panels
  • (2) 12 kW Sol-Ark inverter/chargers
  • (6) 5.4 kWh Fortress eFlex Battery Banks
  • DuraRack Indoor / Outdoor Enclosure
  • IronRidge Solar Panel Racking
  • Optional Add-on – Module Level Rapid Shutdown (Only required for roof mounted solar) Call for Quote (866-710-8259)
  • Solar Panels - 25-year warranty
  • Inverter/Charger - 5-year warranty
  • Batteries – 10-year warranty

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More Savings & Energy Security

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Keep the lights on, even when the grid goes down.

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Enjoy significant short- and long-term savings.

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What Will This System Power?

With South-facing exposure, this kit will produce 10,500 – 16,500 kWh per year and can deliver up to 12 kW of power at one time.

When operating without the grid, this kit will power light electrical loads like:

  • Lights
  • Fans
  • Computers
  • TVs
  • Refrigerators
  • Microwaves
  • Washing machines
  • Large well pumps
  • Mini-split or small air conditioner for a few hours

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