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2kW DIY Solar Panel Kit with Microinverters (2000 Watt)

Pricing is an estimate, kits are customized for each building variation.
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Space-Saving Starter Set: 2kw Diy Solar Kit with Microinverters

This 2000W microinverter kit serves as a great entry-level option. The five 400W modules produce enough energy — 175 to 375 kilowatt (kW) — to offset small and medium size loads such as lighting, television and kitchen appliances while taking up little roof space.

Fact: With the average American home using 920kW per month, this system offsets 20 to 41% of that usage. If your energy consumption is average or less, this might be all you need for your solar start. If your energy needs change, you can expand the system later.

What's included

  1. Tier 1 Solar Panels
    1. Tier 1 Solar Panels
  2. Enphase IQ8 Microinverters
    2. Enphase IQ8 Microinverters
  3. Ironridge Racking and Mounting (roof)
    3. Ironridge Racking and Mounting
  • 5 tier-1 solar panels convert the sun’s energy to electricity and come with 25-year warranties. Cut from a single source of silicon, monocrystalline solar panels are more efficient than their polycrystalline counterparts, blended from multiple silicone sources.

  • 5 Enphase grid-forming microinverters, powered by microprocessors that enable switching between on and off grid.

  • IronRidge racking and attachments for either ground- or roof-mounting of panels.

  • System monitoring for viewing and analyzing your solar energy production time in real-time.
  • System design and energy analysis provides you peace of mind that you are purchasing the right solar kit for your lifestyle. We will customize the system for your property and calculate how much energy your solar panels will produce for you.

What’s Not Included

Wire, conduit, fittings, breakers, AC/DC Disconnects (if required), junction boxes and a sub panel (if required) can be purchased at any electrical supply shop, Home Depot or Lowes. Our technical support representative will provide a shopping list once your plans are complete.

Plans, interconnection and other services are available for an additional fee.

Will This Kit Work for Me?

If you’re looking to offset loads with a cost-effective system that combines the benefits of microinverters and string inverters, then this option may be a fit for you. 

To be certain if this is the right kit for you, contact us for a free estimate and custom recommendations, personalized for your home’s energy needs.

Why Choose GoGreenSolar DIY Kits?

If you’re comfortable with reading and working from plans, diagrams and instructions, our DIY kits can cut your installation costs by as much as 60%. And, yes, you will still receive tax credits.

Another option is hybrid DIY installation where you do some, but not all, of the installation. Purchase the kit and ask for professional help when and where needed. If you reside in one of our service areas, we will be happy to refer you to installers. We can also help you determine which DIY approach is best for you.

Choose DIY Solar Installation

Did you know? You can install a solar panel system with some help within a weekend or a few depending on your trade skills. Not up to DIY? Hire one of your trusted contractors to install for you.

GoGreenSolar solar panel kits include a complimentary roof layout, installation support and permit approval guarantees so you don’t have to figure it out all on your own.

If you’re handy with tools, love learning new skills, or enjoy managing and completing projects, DIY solar installation could be ideal for you. Many DIYers take satisfaction in the process and are proud of the results!

  • Save thousands of dollars

    Going DIY can save you $10,000 or more, depending on system size. Tax credits still apply for equipment, hardware and any other installation services you utilize.

  • Have more control over your solar project

    You get to make decisions on equipment selection, location of solar panels and timeline for your installation.

  • End-to-end support with a money-back guarantee

    GoGreenSolar is with you every step of the way during your installation. We’re also the only DIY solar company with a money-back guarantee. If your permit isn’t approved even after following our instructions we’ll provide a full refund*.

*Some exclusions applied. DETAILS

Some permit applications may require one or more plan revisions and resubmissions. Please supply us with all information necessary to make these revisions. Permit must be applied for with the city within 30 days of delivery of the permit package and any resubmissions must be resubmitted within 14 days of receiving the revised plans.

Our guarantee does not apply to installations on unsafe structures, unpermitted structures, ground mounts, structural engineering, structures not constructed to local building codes and other atypical building designs. This guarantee only applies to our standard solar system kits, it does not apply to custom orders or solar systems not designed by our engineers.

Interested in this solar panel kit for your home or business?

Contact us for a free estimate, and we'll provide custom recommendations that are personalized for your energy needs.

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