LG White on Black Mono 370W 60 Cell

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    LG Solar > 370 Watt Black Frame NeON R Mono Solar Panel

    40mm Black Frame, White Backsheet.
    60 Cell, high efficiency monocrystalline PV module.

    Detailed Information

    LG NeON® R (LG370Q1C-V5) is powerful new solar product with world-class performance. Employing a new electrode-free cell structure on the front of the panel, LG NeON® R maximizes the utilization of the available light while also enhancing reliability. LG NeON® R demonstrates LG’s ongoing dedication to deliver real value: It combines an industry-leading warranty with superior durability and performance under real-world conditions, plus a modern aesthetic that blends seamlessly with virtually any roof.


    • 25-Year Warranty
      LG offers the longest warranty in the industry, covering the NeON® R for 25 years. At that time, the panel is guaranteed to deliver at least 90.8% of its original performance.
    • Roof-Friendly Design
      LG NeON® R has been designed with curb appeal in mind. By removing the electrodes from the visible side, LG has created a cleaner look that won’t detract from the beauty of your home.
    • Better Performance on Sunny Days
      The panel now offers an improved temperature coefficient, so it works more efficiently than before even on hot, sunny days.
    • High Power Output
      Expertly engineered for enhanced power output, the LG NeON® R assures exceptional results even in more compact installations with reduced surface area.
    • Outstanding Durability
      LWith its newly reinforced frame, LG NeON® R can handle an impressive front load of up to 6,000 Pa and a rear load up to 5,400 Pa.


    Mechanical Data & Components

    Technology: Monocrystalline (Mono)

    Dimensions: 66.9 x 40 x 1.57 inches 

    Weight: 38.58 lbs

    Cells per module: 60

    Connector Type: MC4

    Junction Box: IP68 with 3 Bypass Diodes

    Module frame material: Anodized Aluminum

    Module frame thickness: 40 mm

    Electrical Characteristics

    Nominal Maximum Power (Pmax): 370 W 

    MPP Voltage (Vmpp): 37 V 

    MPP Current (Impp): 10.01 A 

    Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 42.8 V 

    Short Circuit Current (Isc): 10.82 A 

    Module Efficiency: 21.4% 

    Maximum System Voltage: 1000 V 

    Maximum Series Fuse Rating: 20 A 

    Power Tolerance: 0 ~ +3

    Module Fire Performance (USA): Type 1

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