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PowerRack Ballasted Ground Mount

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Meet the  PowerRack, the World's Simplest Ground-Mount Solar Installation System

The PowerRack was designed with one goal: to make ground-mount solar installations as quick, easy, and affordable as possible.

The PowerRack is a ballasted mounting system. By filling the PowerRack tubs with ballast (a heavy material such as sand or gravel) and mounting your solar panels to the frame, the weight of the ballast will provide a sturdy foundation for your panels.

The virtue of the PowerRack system is its simplicity. You won't have to dig holes, pour concrete footings, or set steel pipes to provide a support structure for your array. As a result, PowerRack systems are more affordable and easier to install than a fixed ground mount.

Why Choose the PowerRack Ballasted Mounting System?


Reduce Project Costs

Save money on equipment rentals, racking materials, and labor costs. The PowerRack was designed from the ground up to save money on your installation.

Easy to Install

No assembly, special tools, or skilled labor is necessary to install the mounting system. The PowerRack is simple to install, even for first-time DIYers.

No Digging or Concrete Pouring

Unlike fixed ground mounts, you won't need to dig holes to anchor the system in concrete footings. The ballasted PowerRack system  is designed to skip the costly and time-consuming step of pouring concrete during your installation.  

Portable and Flexible

When filled, the PowerRack provides a sturdy racking foundation that stands up to the test of time. But what if you move homes and need to relocate your array? No problem ‒ just pour out the ballast into a wheelbarrow, grab your PowerRacks and go! Empty racks are just 15 pounds and can be stacked for easy transport.

Low Profile

Your solar power system shouldn't be an eyesore. The landscape-oriented PowerRacks keep your panels low to the ground so they don't obstruct your view.

Made From Recyclable HDPE Material

The PowerRack is made from the same resilient material used grain silos and feed trenches. It's designed thrive in harsh conditions and withstand the test of time.  

25-Year Warranty

The flexibility and ease of installation doesn't come at the expense of quality. PowerRacks are warrantied for 25 years,  which matches the industry standard solar panel warranty.  You won't have to stress about part replacements midway through the life of your system.

Compatible With All Ground-Mount Kits

The PowerRack can be substituted for rail-based racking in any of our ground-mounted solar panel kits.

PowerRack System Design Notes

  • Fixed 25-degree pitch is optimal for the majority of locations in the USA. Ground can be leveled to change the mounting angle if necessary.
  • 2 PowerRacks are required to mount each solar panel. For example, if you plan to buy a 10-panel system, budget for 20 PowerRack units to mount your panels.
  • Each row of PowerRacks should be separated by at least 3 feet of space to prevent production loss from shading issues.
  • Lower edge of panel sits 8" off the ground. Heavy snow regions may need additional clearance to lift panels above snow banks in the winter.
  • The build site should be smoothed and leveled before installing your PowerRacks.  To ensure a stable foundation,  it is recommended to place the unit on a slope of 10% or lower.

PowerRack Specifications

Product Specifications

  • Length: 41"
  • Width: 26"
  • Height: 26"
  • Tilt Angle: 25°
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Wind Load: 120 mph
  • Snow load: 93 psf / 5400 Pa
  • Max allowable solar panel width: 39.8"

Ballast specifications

Any aggregate or solid material can be used as ballast, including sand, gravel, concrete, etc. The amount of ballast required is measured by the depth of the ballast in the center of the PowerRack unit.

  • 4" deep at center of rack = 100 lbs. ballast
  • 7" deep = 200 lbs.
  • 10" deep = 300 lbs.
  • 11" deep = 350 lbs.
  • 13" deep = 400 lbs.
  • 14" deep = 450 lbs.
  • 15" deep = 500 lbs.
  • 16" deep = 550 lbs.
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